The Virtual Geography Department October Update

Working Group leaders:

If you haven't already found the new links to the Quick Guide, Getting Started, and How to Participate pages, please add links to them now. You should also update the link to the Index if you have been linking directly to the searchable index.

Also, a Module Review Form is now available. The URL is depts/grg/virtdept/forms/ review_form.html 

Please review this form and forward suggestions for revisions to me. Please do not copy this form and install it on your server. The script is written so that the form contents will automatically be forwarded to the appropriate working- group leader and a copy archived on the server at U.T. (Just in case there are problems with mail- servers on either end). 

The GIS/Cart/RS/Stats, Cultural, EES, and Urban&Economic groups are on-line in their host departments and linked from the VGD homepage. If you're looking for inspiration for your pages, I'd suggest taking a look at these.

Well, I've finally got 'round to writing an update. I had to spend a bit of time away from the virtual life to get caught up on some things here in the analog world. Even so, I have actually done a bit of work. Among the highlights: Module Format Templates:

Instructions and suggestions for formatting modules are also on-line. They look a bit daunting at first, but really, they're not. We're requesting that everyone who submits a module use a standard format for the title page and include standard information about the content, prerequisite skills, expected learning outcomes, etc. Beyond that, you can pretty much do as you please in structuring modules. The instructions are located at . There is a simple diagram on this page identifying those elements we would prefer be standardized. This page also contains a link to a suggested format for a slide collection, and other sample materials will come on-line as the semester progresses.

NCGE Meeting

I'll be in Santa Barbara for the NCGE meeting from November 13-16. I am looking forward to seeing many of you there. 

As always, let me know if there is anything we can do on this end to help. I am running about one week behind in answering (non-critical) e-mail, but I eventually do get to everyone who writes!

I hope everyone is having a productive semester and you are all well.


October 18, 1996