Virtual News

The Virtual Geography Department Project

Project Updates and Special Announcements (most recent at top)

  1. 1998 Virtual Department Workshops Announced
  2. May/June 1997 Update, Shannon Crum
  3. 1997 Virtual Department Workshops Announced for June
  4. October 1996 Update on Working Group Homepages and Module Templates, Shannon Crum
Events scheduled for Conferences and Professional Meetings (most recent at top)
  1. Sessions Scheduled for the NCGE Annual Meetings, Orlando, Florida. 8-11 October 1997.
  2. Sessions Scheduled for the NCGE Annual Meetings, Santa Barbara, California. 13-16 November 1996.
  3. Sessions Scheduled for the AAG Annual Meeting, Ft. Worth, Texas. 1-5 April 1997.
Summer Workshop Final Reports
  1. Report on the First Virtual Department Workshop, June 1996, Ken Foote

Created on 22 September 1996. Last revised 30 November 1997. slc.