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This module is part of the Virtual Geography Department Project and has been prepared for the Infrastructure Issues Working Group of the Project. These materials may be used for study, research, and education, but please credit the author and source: Kenneth E. Foote and Jennifer Goett , The Virtual Geography Department Project, The University of Texas at Austin.

All commercial rights reserved. Copyright 1997 by Kenneth E. Foote and Jennifer Goett.

This module has been peer reviewed and classroom tested (not really, since this is a sample module). To make suggestions and corrections please contact The Virtual Geography Department Project at

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Abstract: This module contains four exercises in which students learn to communicate and research on the World Wide Web. The module presents four sections, which provide: (1) useful starting places for Web exploration, (2) tips to enable students to communicate effectively and appropriately on the Web, (3) guidelines for productive Web searching, and (4) critical tools for evaluating Web resources. Each section has a companion activity, which challenges the student to actively develop her Web skills. These materials may be adapted to a wide range of grade levels, but are specifically developed for undergraduate students. Activities 1-3 can be completed by the student in one week, although Activity 4 may be expanded over a longer period of time. To complete Activities 1-4, students must have access to computers with Web browsing, electronic mail, Web publishing, and word processing capabilities.

Table of Contents:

Module Homepage

Starting: Activity 1 Treasure Hunt

Participating: Activity 2 Digital Aerobics Searching: Activity 3 Web Search Researching: Activity 4 Web Research Project Notes on Active Pedagogy

Evaluation and Comments

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