The Virtual Geography Department (1996-2006) was an effort to help geographers create innovative learning and teaching resources in the web.  It also served as a clearinghouse for instructional materials geographers wished to share with colleagues.  The Virtual Geography Department, Geographer's Craft Project, and the web version of the NCGIA's Core Curriculum in GIScience are examples of some of the very first open educational resources (OER) created in geography, a movement which is beginning to gain traction in geography and other disciplines. 

Originally, materials were planned in eight major categories (listed below).  The web sites maintaining these materials were based in geography departments all around the country and updated by volunteers.  Although these eight web sites are gone, efforts have been made to maintain the educational resources list (linked below) and some of the sample materials that are hosted at the University of Colorado.

Given the gradual rise in interest in OER, this site may be redesigned as a clearinghouse for the next generation of materials.  Geography could well support its own or

Original Work Groups
Cartography Physical Geography
Virtual Fieldtrips  Urban and Economic Geography
GISciences/Remote Sensing/Statistics  Earth's Environment and Society
History and Philosophy of Geography World Regional Geography and Area Studies
Sample Modules

Related Projects
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