HTML Tags:

< HTML> This should be the first line of each of your HTML files. Remember that it must be paired with a < /HTML> tag, to be placed at the end of each file.

< TITLE> This places the title of your page in the viewer's banner bar. The TITLE line of this page looks like: < TITLE> HTML tags and uploading procedure (UTS)< /TITLE>

Note that this tag must be closed with < /TITLE>

< H1>

Heading Level One

This tag must be closed with a < /H1>

< H2>

Heading Level Two

This tag must be closed with a< /H2>

< H3>

Heading Level Three

This tag must be closed with a < /H3>

< H4>

Heading Level Four

This tag must be closed with a < /H4>

< H5>

Heading Level Five
This tag must be closed with a < /H5>

< H6>

Heading Level Six
This tag must be closed with a < /H6>

< P> Paragraph separator

Paragraph separator

< BR> Line break
Line break

< HR> Horizontal Rule Note: This is a standalone tag.
Making text hot: < a href = "http://path to your file> text< /a>

Inlined images: < img src = "http://path to your imagefile.gif"> Note: This is a standalone tag (you don't close it with a < /img> )

Procedure for uploading files to UTS:

From Windows -- Open WS_FTP and select UTS in the Profile Name window. Make sure your Host Name is and the Host Type is Automatic Detect. You must also be sure there is nothing in the Remote Host window. Enter your User ID and password, and click on OK.

In the window that appears, double-click on public_html on the Remote System (right-hand side). You will need to select the directory on the Local System where your files are stored. Text files, including html files, must be moved in ASCII format. Graphics files will be moved in binary format.

From the Mac -- Open Fetch. Your Host is Enter your login and password. Make sure the directory window is empty! Double-click on public_html to get to the correct directory on the remote system. Next, you want to PUT FILE. Select your file from the window that appears, click on "open", make sure your file is correctly named, the format is text, and click OK.