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Quick Guide to the Virtual Department

1. The goal of the Virtual Geography Deparment Project is to develop ways for geographers to share materials and use the World Wide Web.

2. The Virtual Geography Department is organized into Working Groups , which are further subdivided into Focus Areas.

3. Working Groups are headed by a group leader who acts as editor and organizer. Working Groups are sponsored by the group leader's home department.

4. Each Focus Area within a Working Group is headed up by a coordinator.

5. Materials are organized into modules and all adhere to a standard format .

6. Instructions for participating in the Project and help with getting started using the materials are available.

7. More detailed information is available below and in the original proposal submitted to the National Science Foundation.

About the Virtual Geography Department Project

Work has begun on a project to interlink the curricula of geography departments both nationally and internationally using the Internet and World Wide Web. The goal of the Virtual Geography Department Project is to offer high quality curriculum materials and classroom and laboratory modules that can be used across the Internet by geography students and faculty at any university in the world, and to promote collaborative research. Stress is being placed on curriculum integration through the creation of on-line "electronic" texts and resource materials that will be of service to a wide range of departments. The project links existing materials already available on the Internet and, more importantly, has commissioned new materials to address topics not now represented on the Internet. In this way, geographers at many universities can share the time and expense of developing hypermedia and multimedia curriculum materials and benefit from the materials that might not otherwise be made available commercially.

In addition to the goals of cultuvating and coordinating new curriculum matierials, the Virtual Department Project will address the issues of :

The Project is endorsed by the National Council for Geographic Education, the Commission of College Geography of the Association of American Geographers, and the Geography Education Specialy Group of the Association of American Geographers. Funding is being provided by the National Science Foundation to convene summer workshops in which teams of geographers come together to organize and develop course materials.

Participation in the project does not assume previous experience with the Internet or World Wide Web, only a willingness to contribute course materials such as outlines, essays, photographs, illustrations, and resource materials to the project.

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