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How to Participate in the Virtual Geography Department

Curriculum materials of all sorts will be required to build the Virtual Department including laboratory exercises, course syllabi, lecture and discussion notes, and general reference materials such as slide sets. Materials can be made available in any language.

Most contributions will fall into one of three categories. You may wish to:

To start a Working Group in an area of the discipline not already represented in the Project, send a message to . The Project staff will work with you to get the group going.

If you want to share existing materials, develop a module, or work with a focus group, contact the leader of the appropriate working group. On each group's home page you will find a form for submitting module proposals. Proposals are reviewed by the Working Group leader, who will then contact you via e-mail. The module development/submission process then proceeds as follows:

For additional information contact the appropriate Working Group leader or the Virtual Department.
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