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Mission Statement

The Cartography Lab was a service bureau, charged with the creative and technical cartographic support for the Geography Department faculty, staff and graduate students. Additional cartographic work is done for clients on this and other campuses, government agencies and non-profit groups. Work for private companies is only done under special circumstances.

The Cart Lab produced a variety of maps and graphics used in b/w and color printed publications, large sheet maps, CD-rom and web productions. The Cart Lab has moved almost entirely to digital productions, however we still blend manual techniques with the digital to solve assembly problems. Our internship program is going on twelve years and emphasizes critical thinking and problem solving techniques used in cartographic design and production.


The Cart Lab is a separate but close entity of the Ken Erickson Spatial Data Analysis Lab (KESDA Lab) for student technical instruction in the Geography Department. We manage the day to day aspects and scheduling of the KESDA Lab. The interns of the Cart Lab often work directly with lab students to answer questions concerning hardware and software. Interns are directly involved in the production work in the Cart Lab.



I am sorry to report that due to State of Colorado budget cuts this job position and the Cart Lab have closed down. I want to thank all the students, faculty and clients that have made the past 13 years a memorable time in my life. Cheers to you all! - Jim Robb (I can still be reached at

Cartography Lab Projects

The Colorado Atlas-
Collected Visions of Maps and Imagery

Fall 2002 Tech Manual

Aerial photographic list online list

Aerial photographs residing in the Earth Science Map Library



Contact information;

Jim Robb

Director, Cartography Lab

KESDA Lab Manager

Vidya Jayakar


System Administrator

Eric Wilson
Inbar Kishoni
Jim Childers


$35-45/hr out of Geography Dept.*
$25-35/hr with in the Geography Dept.*
Plus materials


M-F 7:30am-5pm (closed during lunch 11:30am-1pm))
After hours by reservation.


Cartographic Lab, University of Colorado--Boulder
C/O Jim Robb, Director
Geography Dept., 260 UCB
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