Geographic Information Systems as an Integrating Technology: Context, Concepts, and Definitions

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Table of Contents

 1. Information Technologies in Geography
  1. Cartography and computer-assisted drafting
  2. Photogrammetry and remote sensing
  3. Spatial statistics
  4. Geographic information systems (GIS)
  1. Communication and collaboration
  2. Access to library and research materials and sources
  3. Publication and dissemination
 2. The Course of Technological Innovation
  1. Initiation
  2. Contagion
  3. Coordination
  4. Integration
 3. GIS as an Integrating Technology

 4. Geographic Information Systems: A Generic Definition

  1. Data input
  2. Data storage
  3. Data transformation
  4. Data reporting
  1. Information is linked to a spatial reference
  2. Integration of technologies
  3. GIS is a process
 5. Other Definitions  6. Related Terms: Acronyms, Synonyms, and More  7. The GIS View of the World  8. The Appeal and Potential of GIS  9. Application Areas 10. Many Software Systems Support GIS Decision-Making

 11. Examination and Study Questions

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