Of Note: The Geographer's Craft in the News

The Geographer's Craft was featured in the live satellite broadcast Putting Your Course On-line, presented by the PBS Adult Learning Satellite Service and produced by the R. Jan LeCroy Center, Dallas County Community College District, 13 November 1997.

The Geographer's Craft is discussed in A Report on an Evaluation of the National Science Foundation's Instrumentation and Laboratory Improvement Program by Paul Tuss, Joy Frechtling, and Tom Ewing (Washington, DC: National Science Foundation, 1997), 25.

The Geographer's Craft (and Virtual Geography Department Project) are featured in an article by Rae Nadler-Olenick in Inside Liberal Arts, the newsletter of the College of Liberal Arts, the University of Texas at Austin, Spring 1997 issue, pp. 8-9,16.

The Geographer's Craft Project received a University of Texas Innovative Use of Instructional Technology Award in a ceremony on 2 May 1997.

Will Featherstone and Richard Langley cite the Geodetic Datum Overview in their article, Coordinates and Datums and Maps!, in the January 1997, GPS World.

The National Science Foundation, Division of Undergraduate Education includes a report on the Geographer's Craft Project in the most recent issue of its on-line newsletter at http://www.ehr.nsf.gov/EHR/DUE/DOCUMENTS/GENERAL/977/page11.htm.

R. Scott Horner cites the GPS Overview in the article, Driving by Satellite, in the October 13, 1996, Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel.

Peter J. Howe cites the GPS Overview in his article, Where on Earth?: The GPS Solution, in The Boston Globe, October 7, 1996. pp. C1-C4.

Art Lange, in On Datums and Geoids, In GIS World, October 1996. Page 62 cites the Geodetic Datum Overview.

Bill Thoen's article, Is a Virtual University in Your Future?, mentions Dr. Kenneth E. Foote and the Geographer's Craft Project, in the August, 1996 issue of GIS World.

Dan Stets quotes Peter Dana, author of the GPS Overview module in the Geographer's Craft, in his article, Where on Earth? In the May 16, 1996 Philadelphia Inquirer, pp. F1-F5.

Clair Wood cites the GPS Overview in her April 26, 1996 Bangor Daily News story, Advances in Navigational Aid.

GIS World wrote up the GPS page in their article, GIS World's Best of the Net 1996, in GIS World, January 1966. pp. 42-47.

John Milne cites the GPS overview in his book, Know Where You Are with Map, Compass & Global Positioning System. North Bay, ON, Canada: The Great All Outdoors Trading Company. 1996.

Richard Langley's article in the November 1995 GPS World mentions the Geographer's Craft and the GPS Overview, pp. 59-63.

The Map Projection Overview and the Coordinate System Overview author was acknowledged in the User's Guide for Stellar Navigation Systems, MapSite Global Map User Software.

Wired magazine used an image from the GPS Overview as the background for their October 1995, Geek Page article Global Positioning System: The New North Star. Pg. 72.

The Map Projection Overview was cited in the user's manual for the SKYCOM Skywave Propagation Prediction Software package which used map images from the Overview.

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