Written by Bradford J. Simpson
Department of Geography
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs


Michael N. Solem
Department of Geography
University of Colorado at Boulder

Graphics prepared by David A. Gonzalez, Bradford J. Simpson, and Michael N. Solem

This exercise was created for the GeographyWeb project at the University of Colorado.

Welcome to The Flood Hazards of Manitou Springs, CO. The scenic Rocky Mountain setting and quaint shop-lined streets of Manitou Springs attract many tourists each year. However, this seemingly idyllic environment poses serious risks for residents and visitors alike. When conditions are right, Fountain Creek, a major stream that flows directly through the town, may flood without warning.

This Web-based learning exercise examines the human-environment relationships of Manitou Springs, Colorado. You can learn about the settlement history and natural hazards of Manitou Springs, understand what may happen to Manitou Springs during and after a catastrophic flood event, and identify areas of the town that are at risk.

Although the ideal way to learn about Manitou Springs would be to visit the town itself, this is not a feasible option for everyone. Fortunately, this Web site can take you on a "virtual" exploration of Manitou Springs and familiarize you with many of its geographic features.

This exercise consists of three activities:

We suggest that you complete each activity in the order shown, although you may choose any order you wish. At any time, you can explore Links to other flood-hazard and geography sites on the Web.

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