The field study takes place in downtown Boulder, along the Boulder Creek path. Fig. 5 shows the extent of the field study. Note that there are twelve observation stops. At each stop, you will be asked questions that will require keen observation on your part to answer. No more than ten minutes need to be used at each stop in order to provide the required answers. The field trip begins at the Ninth Street Bridge as it crosses Boulder Creek near the Boulder Public Library. The trip concludes near the CU Research Park before you reach the 47th St. Foothills Parkway underpass of the Boulder Creek Path. Walking or biking are the recommended modes of transit.

Please click here to view and print out the Field Procedure, which contains questions for each of the 12 stops. Next, click here to view and print out a Field Map . Again, please note that you may need to adjust the image size in order to fit the map onto one printed page (on most PCs you can do this under Properties in the Print menu. Macintosh users can do this under Page Setup in the File menu.)

You can orient yourself to the study area using the map below (Fig. 5). Click each of the 12 stops on this map for clues of what to look for during the field study.

Figure 5. Map of the Boulder Creek Field Study.

You are now ready to enter the field! Please follow the directions on the Field Procedure, put on comfortable walking shoes, and remember to take a notebook and pen with you.

At the conclusion of the field study, you should write a final report that includes:

  1. Answers to questions 1-6 from the Preview exercise (including flood-hazard maps for each team member)
  2. Answers to the questions from the Field Procedure.

You have now finished the Preview exercise. Please continue with the self-guided field study. At the conclusion of the field study, please return to the Boulder Creek Virtual Field Study homepage and try out the Discussion Forum and Links pages.

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