Where is Boulder, Colorado?

Please answer the questions that appear in blue shading.

Figure 2. Map of Colorado

(1) Please describe the absolute and relative location of Boulder, Colorado (Figure 2).

Why do flash floods occur along Boulder Creek?

The answer to this question is linked to the climate of the region.

Geographers often represent the climate of a place with a climograph, which graphs monthly temperature and precipitation averages for a location.

Use Fig. 3 to answer questions 2-3:

Figure 3. Temperature and precipitation averages for Boulder, CO. Source: Temperature data derived from National Climate Data Center (NCDC) TD 9641 Clim 81 1961-1990 Normals. Precipitation data derived from NCDC Cooperative Stations, 1931-1995.

(2) Please describe seasonal changes in Boulder's temperature and precipitation.

(3) At what time of the year is Boulder's primary flash flood season, and why? Hint: Think about the weather conditions that immediately preceded the catastrophic flash flood of 1894.

Now, let's look more closely at the area where the field study takes place. Please continue to page 3 of this exercise.

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