Written by A. David Hill and Michael N. Solem

Department of Geography, University of Colorado at Boulder

Graphics prepared by Michael N. Solem and David A. Gonzalez

This exercise was adapted, with permission, from an original lesson by Spenser W. Havlick, College of Architecture and Planning, University of Colorado at Boulder

This exercise was created for the GeographyWeb project at the University of Colorado.

Welcome to The Boulder Creek Virtual Field Study. We believe a person cannot fully understand resource management and its lessons for architects, urban planners or citizens at large unless there is a field experience to complement readings or lectures about the topic. By completing this lesson, you can learn about the tremendous benefits and dangers posed by an important urban-aquatic resource.

The Boulder Creek Virtual Field Study consists of four sets of activities, which you should complete in the following order:

Good luck, and we hope you enjoy the exercise!