Geog 4103/5103

GIS Modeling Applications

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Instructor:    Dr. Barbara P. Buttenfield

Lectures: M 3-5:50 pm,  Hale 260
Labs: Tues 3:30 - 6:20pm; F 12-2:50 pm KESDA Lab (Gugg 6)


This course follows from GIS 1 (Geog 4103/5103). We emphasize raster-based GIS. Where GIS focused on mechanics with exercises based on exisiting models, we focus on model building, that is, creating GIS-based descriptions of landscape form and process, and applying these models to specific research problems in Earth Science.

We'll work on all phases of GIS project design (model building, error assessment and project management). You will learn to build siting models, proximity models, terrain models, hydrology models, point interpolation models (kriging), areal interpolation (dasymetric) models, and weighted criteria models. You'll also learn automated scripting, extending your ModelBuilder skills.

In the second half of the semester students will work in small groups to design, implement and run GIS models of their own choosing. We'll help you with the modeling as well as with the project management.

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Group Project Assignment

Project Proposals for Fall 2016

Readings Discussion #1 Objects and Fields

Readings Discussion #2 Point Interpolation

Readings Discussion #3 Areal Interpolation

Readings Discussion #4 Dynamic Modeling and Weighted Criteria

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