Faculty Teaching Excellence Program



Community Work: Engaging Minds through Integrated Service

Marty Bickman, English

Amy Schmitz, School of Law                    

Service learning relates academic study to work in the community in ways that enhance both. We learn best and most deeply by constructing knowledge and rooting it in the immediacies of our personal experience. Service learning courses attempt to help students understand the world through changing it and vice-versa. They seek not just to recruit students to work in soup kitchens but to ask and begin to answer the larger questions of why there is hunger in our society. Such courses transcend the notion that the university is a detached, self-contained unit by discovering and creating vibrant relations with the world outside of it.

This workshop will focus on the specifics through which service can most effectively enhance learning, through integrating it into as many aspects of a course as possible: readings, class discussions, papers, exams. It will also suggest ways to support, track, and evaluate the students’ service components, as well as various enabling offices and resources on campus. There will be time to network informally with the presenters and other faculty at the end.



Title Date Time
Session I Tuesday, February 16 2:30 - 3:30 PM


This event will be held in ATLAS 200.

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