Facilities Management

University of Colorado Boulder


Facilities Management handles trash collection on campus. Collection schedules for specific buildings can be obtained from building proctors or directly from custodial supervisors.

There are four types of trash collection on campus:

  1. Internal building – office only. This is a requested service at cost to department. Office trash removal services are no longer provided per FY 09/10 budget reduction.
  2. Internal building – hallways, corridors, main traffic areas, cafés, restrooms, classrooms.
  3. External building – trash dumpster.
  4. External building – grounds trash receptacles.

Please note that office trash removal services are no longer provided per FY 09/10 budget reduction. In addition, custodians are responsible for hand snow shoveling on campus. This additional duty takes them away from interior duties. During inclement weather, our staff performs the following duties in the following order: Snow shoveling, restroom cleaning, classroom cleaning, public area cleaning, and if time allows, they then start on laboratories and, finally, offices. 

How to Request a Service

External Building:

Trash dumpster – call 303-492-5321.

Grounds receptacles – Complete a Service Request or contact the Service Center at 303-492-5522.

Internal Building:

To order trash can liners, call 303-492-6322 or email invorder@colorado.edu. Select from the following ordering options:

1. Part # P0066—LINER TRASH, 22-1/2 X 25 - 10 GAL 
$15.1901 per case, 1000 liners per case 

2. Part # P0068--TRASH CAN LINER, 33 X 39-1.50 MIL - 33GAL 
$20.2088 per case, 125 liners per case

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