Facilities Management

University of Colorado Boulder

Storage & Shipping

Materiel Management provides temporary and long-term storage space for campus departments.

  • $8.25 per standard pallet per month
  • Bulk floor storage $0.71 per square foot per month
  • Secured, climate controlled areas on a contractual basis. Call us for rates.
  • Materiel Management will provide basic pick up and delivery of your storage items at no extra charge.
  • When placing your request please include:
    • contact person and telephone number
    • speedtype you want charged
    • description of the item(s) you wish to store
    • room and building number where the item(s) are located for pick-up
    • estimated time the item(s) will be in storage

Outgoing/Incoming Freight 

Materiel Management offers outgoing shipping, special delivery, and distribution of received and/or ordered items to campus departments.

  • Our Materiel Management staff is certified in international and domestic shipping.
  • Special deliveries (such as artwork, non-standard sizes, etc.), packaging/crating for freight and hazardous materials shipments, and special services (such as un-crating centrally received freight) are billed for labor time, truck rental, and materials.
  • UCB Materiel Management shipping services (including hazardous materials) are offered at exclusively negotiated discounted rates — typically 70% less than a direct quote from freight companies.
  • Hazardous Materials Shipping - Our staff is certified in international and domestic shipping of hazardous materials and we are always willing to talk with you about any concerns you might have. Hazardous materials shipments include a $12 per item handling and preparation charge.
  • Please contact us to request a free quote. Remember to include:
    • contact person and telephone number
    • speedtype you want charged
    • description of the item you are shipping
    • location of the item to be shipped, specifically the building and room number
    • item's final destination including contact and zip code
  • Note: If the location of the freight is in a locked room or if you have irregular office hours, please include that information when arranging for pick up.


How to Request a Service

Contact Materiel Management at 303-492-6369 (Shipping and Receiving), 303-492-6322 (Inventory and Storage), or by email at invorder@colorado.edu.

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