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Moving & Hauling

Our crew at the Distribution Center is experienced in moving offices and labs. Our moving and hauling rates are $52.07 per staff hour. (Time and a half for overtime.) Scheduling is easy:

Please Click Here to fill in the Moving and Hauling Request Form.

Please help us make your move as painless, efficient, and cost effective as possible by following a few simple recommendations:

  • Plan ahead as far as possible. Property Service can schedule up to nine months in advance.The further out you can plan the easier it will be to guarantee your desired move dates. Remember, school break times (especially the summer break) are our busiest periods for moving services and it is strongly recommended that you have your requests submitted at least two months prior to the requested move date.
  • When filling out your move request please include as much information as possible including correct descriptions of the items to be moved. This is especially important when describing files (vertical as opposed to lateral), heavy or large items, glassware, pictures, artwork etc.
  • Request a pre-screening of the move to ensure you have all the information you need. We do this for free! Frequently departments that have not requested a pre-screening are inadequately prepared for our movers (they are fast!) and if you are still packing up desks, personal belongings, books etc. when they arrive, you may significantly increase the cost of your move.
  • Please mark the final destination on your furnishings and boxes (larger yellow post-its work well for this purpose).
  • Have someone appointed to give directions at both the pick-up as well as the delivery locations. If an individual is not available to stand and direct the placement of his or her belongings as we bring them in, please have them provide a simple (understandable) map of the office layout so that we can place the items as quickly and correctly as possible.
  • We turn desks and extensions on end so these items must be emptied prior to move.
  • Use boxes that can be closed and fill them completely but do not overfill and absolutely do not pack large boxes with books and such. Toilet paper cases filled with books tend to rupture and can make for a tedious and costly cleanup.
  • With the exception of lateral or mechanical files, file cabinets can generally be left full unless there are stairs or other hazardous considerations. We will clarify this during pre-screening.
  • Make sure all computers are disconnected and ready for transport.
  • We are precluded from transporting hazardous materials, with the exception of Universal Hazardous Waste, i.e. electronics.
  • Extremely high value items may require additional insurance, for questions contact University Risk Management
  • To ensure continuing prompt delivery of your mail, please remember to notify Mail and Package Services 303-492-6524 as early as possible before your move.

Our goal is to provide fast efficient service and to make your move as worry free as possible. Thank you for considering Property Services for all your relocation needs, your patronage is greatly appreciated!

Free estimates are available.

If you have a particular date and time in mind, we will try to accommodate you. However, we schedule on a first-come, first served basis. The crew that handles moves also does pick-up of disposal items and delivers furniture.

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