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Campus Certified Mail

To ensure Campus Mail tracking, Campus Certified service is available to provide proof of delivery (recipient signature) for important items.  Campus Certified mail is handled similarly to USPS Certified mail within the campus mail system.

The price for this service $2.50 per piece.

When your department wishes to send a piece of Campus Certified through the campus mail system, please complete a Campus Certified form and retain the top copy for your records.

The bottom two copies should be attached to the article.  Please deliver the article to Mailing Services at 3300 Walnut St. so that the article can be properly logged in.  Campus Certified mail can be placed in your outgoing mail for pickup by Mailing Services.  It would be best to separate them so they don’t get mixed with other outgoing mail.

Campus certified forms are available by calling our receptionist (x2-6242).

Please note that for same-day delivery of campus certified mail to be delivered on the Boulder-Denver Shuttle, the campus certified must be received by Mailing Services at 3300 Walnut St. by 11:45 A.M. to allow sufficient processing time.

Express Delivery Service

Express Delivery Service is an on-call service designed to move small non-mail items and time sensitive correspondence to destinations on the Boulder campus or within Boulder city limits.  The targeted turnaround time for this service is 1 ½ hour.  Mailing Services can handle most items through Express Delivery Service; however, large equipment or large quantities of items should be referred to Moving and Hauling at Property Services.

To schedule an Express Delivery Service request please call 303-492-6524.

The current cost of this service is $15.00 per delivery stop.  If a department has items going to different destinations, $15.00 will be assessed for the first delivery stop and $10.00 for each additional delivery stop. Departmental speedtypes will be taken with the order over the phone for billing.

This service is offered 8:00 A.M. to 11:00 and 1:00 P.M. to 3:30 P.M. weekdays. 

After you have requested this service, we will request the following information:

  • account number to be billed
  • contact person
  • department
  • building
  • room number
  • phone number for pickup
  • the same information for delivery.

The item for delivery should be packaged, addressed and ready for delivery at the time the call is made.  If requested, proof of delivery will be obtained when the item is delivered; therefore, the recipient or a departmental representative must be available to sign for the item at the time of delivery.

How to Request a Service

We are happy to help you with your mail.

Please call Mailing Services, call 303-492-6242.

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