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Metered Mail

The Meterline Division of Mailing Services is responsible for the processing of University of Colorado Boulder outgoing business mail and packages using the USPS, Fed Ex, and UPS.

Save a penny on your mail!

Effective January 26th, 2014 United States Postal Service is offering a 1 cent discount for all letter-sized mail, from 1 ounce to 3.5 ounces, processed using metered postage rather than stamps.

Mailing Services is happy to process your mail, using metered postage, and pass on the 1 cent savings to your department! Simply put your speedtype under your return address, drop it off at your regular mail drop-off/pick-up location (or bring it to our building at 3300 Walnut St, Unit B, Boulder, CO 80301) and we will apply your postage for you at the discounted rate.

More information

Mailing Servcies Interdepartmental Invoice - Order services and designate delivery.
Preparation of Metered mail — Departmental IN's, CU returns address, Foreign mail
US Post Office price list — new rates, effective January 26, 2014
How to address mail — correct way to address incoming and outgoing mail
Labor charges — When will I be charged extra?
U.S.P.S. Options — What's the best way to send my mail?
Services — Business Reply Mail, Express Mail, Registered Mail, Certified, Insured, Special Delivery

How to Request a Service

Please contact the Export Control Office prior to shipping to determine whether international shipments are a permissible export of goods/technology.

Please click below for information on:

Export Control Regulations
International Shipping of Equipment
Temporary Import of Field Equipment to Foreign Countries

We are happy to help you with your mail.

Please call Mailing Services, call 303-492-6242.

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