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In order to receive a non-housing university key you must have an active Buff OneCard, Departmental Card, or Guest Card. You will then need to get approval from your Key Liaison. To find out who your Key Liaison is, contact Access Services at 303-492-6609. The form, along with your Buff OneCard or other card, must be taken to Access Services (lower level of Folsom Stadium, Gate 8, Rm.1B11), in order to have your key issued.

What do I do if I lose my key(s)?

Make a police report about the lost key(s) then inform your Key Liaison, so he/she can fill out replacement key cards after the police report is made.

Is there a replacement fee for lost keys?

Yes, there is a replacement fee for lost or stolen keys, but there is no fee for broken keys if you return the head part of the broken key.

What are the fees or deposits for a key?

Access Services has a schedule for fees and deposits, which are regularly updated.  Please feel free to call 303-492-6609 to inquire of the latest changes.

If I want a key, can I go to Access Services for it?

Without proper authorization, no keys will be issued. Access Services will help direct you to where you will need to go to get authorization.

If I am leaving my position, can I give my keys to my replacement?

No! You are responsible for the keys issued to you and you must return those keys upon your departure.



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