Facilities Management

University of Colorado Boulder


Classroom Furniture

Property Services procures and provides classroom seating in all centrally controlled (and residential academic program) classrooms.

For more information contact our Logistics Coordinator at 303-492-6525 or e-mail PropServ@colorado.edu.

Furniture Sales to Departments

We offer a wide variety of used office furniture. Desks, chairs, bookcases, credenzas, and tables of all shapes and sizes are available for departmental purchase. Before purchasing used furniture, please make sure that you and your speedtype are included in your department's profile in our Surplus Property Management System.

When you are interested in making a purchase, it might be best to visit us in person. Our stock changes on a near daily basis. Please call 303-492-6525 and make an appointment. You are welcome to drop by and browse our warehouse, but please give us a call about an hour before making the trip as we handle a variety of functions and occasionally have to commit our resources elsewhere.

**Property Services reserves the right to limit the quantity of purchases to individuals or groups.**

We also hold periodic public auctions which are open to the public. Please see Property Sales & Auctions

How to Request a Service

Contact our Logistical Coordinator (303) 492-6525 or e-mail propserv@colorado.edu with questions. 

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