Facilities Management

University of Colorado Boulder

Dry Ice & Liquid Nitrogen

Contact us to schedule delivery of dry ice and/or liquid nitrogen to your location. We will pick up and fill departmentally-owned dewars on request. 

Product Code: P7909        
Description:  Dry ice          
Price: $.050/lb or $15.00 per 30lb. block

Product Code: P7065       
Description: Liquid Nitrogen        
Price: $0.67* per liter

*Prices are subject to change due to market fluctuations.

Liquid nitrogen dewars are available in the following sizes and pressures:
160 Ltr low and high pressure
180 Ltr low pressure
210 Ltr low pressure 
230 Ltr low and high pressure
240 Ltr low and high pressure

When placing your request please include:

  • contact person and telephone number
  • speedtype you want charged
  • room and building number where your order is to be delivered
  • delivery time needed (Liquid nitrogen is available daily. Dry ice is delivered to campus on Mondays and Fridays.)

How to Request a Service

To order dry ice and/or liquid nitrogen, please email invorder@colorado.edu.