Facilities Management

University of Colorado Boulder

Property Services FAQ

Classroom Furniture

My classroom is short of student desks. Can you bring me some? Please first check to make sure the occupancy of the rooms nearby and compare that number to the number of student desks in that classroom. Sometimes desks migrate to different rooms in the building. Then visit Furniture

How can we get replacement furniture for broken desks? Let us know how many are broken and the max seating occupancy of room. We will replace as necessary.

Used furniture sales /delivery 

How soon can I get my furniture delivered? Delivery will be scheduled when we receive your request. 

Do I need an appointment to view furniture? If possible, please call in advance. Visit Furniture for more information. 

How can we pay for used furniture? To purchase used furniture, your department needs to have a profile set up in our Surplus Property Management System. We can then use your speedtype from that profile to sell you our used furniture inventory.

Is there a delivery fee for used furniture? No, delivery is part of Property Services service if furniture was purchased through Property Services.

Can I see pictures of used items for sale on the website? Inventory items are changing daily. Please call 2-6524 to make viewing appointment and/or visit Furniture for more info. 

New furniture sales / delivery

Do you charge for delivery of new furniture? No, delivery is part of Property Services service if furniture was purchased through Property Services.

Do you have samples of new furniture I can view? Yes, several desks, cabinets, files, chairs and catalog items.

What if I want to order from someone other than Property Services? Furniture purchase is mandatory through Property Services/state bid, although you can request direct purchase by filling out specific documents

Where do I get a speed type? Check with your departmental accounting person.

Disposal of furniture

Visit Property Surplus & Disposal.

Disposal of Electronics

We have non-working electronics. How can we dispose of themPlease dispose of all state owned electronics through our Surplus Property Management System or call 303-492-6524. All electronics MUST be disposed of through Property Services and must include serial ID. Find more information at Surplus Property & Disposal

What if another department wants my electronics? A transfer of property form must be filled out and approved through Property Services.

How do we get rid of working reusable electronics? Please us our Surplus Property Management System to register your department and create disposal requests for your unwanted items. Find more information at Surplus Property & Disposal

Special Events Set up

Does Property Services rent or loan tables, chairs, tents? We do not rent or loan furniture or tents but can arrange set up and delivery for a fee.

Does Property Services rent or loan podiums or easels? We do not normally rent or loan podiums. We do supply podiums for centrally scheduled classrooms per requests from UCB central scheduling office.

Moving Services

Do we need to empty file cabinets and bookcases for moves? Upright drawers do not need to be emptied.  Both laterals and shelving units do need to be emptied.

Do we need to empty desks? Yes, desks are turned on end to move.

Can you provide moving boxes or tape? Boxes and tape are now provided through Materiel Management.

How do I get a move done? Visit Moving & Hauling

Office Equipment rental

I need to rent a typewriter or dictaphone. The Office Equipment Rental Program was discontinued January 1, 2008.

How do you charge for office equipment rental? The Office Equipment Rental Program was discontinued January 1st, 2008.

Sales and Auctions

When will the next public auction be? Auctions are held periodically and as needed at the Distribution Center. Visit Property Sales & Auctions for more info.  

Disposal memos

Why do I need to supply revenue and expense speed types in our Departments's Profile in the Surplus Property Management System? We need a revenue speedtype to receive any revenues for those items sold in our public auctions.  If your surplus item sells for more $100 in our public auctions, your department will receive 50% of the revenue. 

EH&S sheets are a pain - why do we have to have it? Required to ensure items are safe for handling, proper disposal, or resale. Contact EH&S as they will prepare/deny clearance.

How do we get OCG sheets? Contact OCG, they will provide necessary paperwork for release of property

Can we donate items outside CU, outside the country? Contact Jack Brubaker (303-492-7207) in Property Services for details and necessary forms for donation of surplus items.