Facilities Management

University of Colorado Boulder

Alphabetical List of Major Buildings and Facilities

Official Building Master List (PDF version )

General Categories
Buildings – Academic
Courts – Family Housing
Centers – Non-Academic
Halls – Single Student Housing
Laboratories and Institutes -- Research Complexes
Multi-Building Apartments – Housing

Building Names
(Earlier names or additional information in parentheses) – [Street addresses in brackets]

Administrative and Research Center - East Campus
Aden Hall
Aerospace and Energy Systems
Air Supported Structure (Practice Bubble)
Andrews Hall (Kittredge Complex)
Armory [1511 University Avenue]
Armory Trailer
Arnett Hall (Kittredge Complex)
Athens Court [1951 Grandview Avenue]
Athens North Court [1855 Athens Street]
ATLAS Center
Baker Hall
Baker Hall AncillaryBuilding [Garage]
Balch Fieldhouse Complex

  • Pressbox
  • Fieldhouse South Annex
  • Rifle Range
  • Flatirons Club

Bear Creek Apartments at Williams Village

  • Bear Creek Commons
  • Weber Hall

Benson Earth Sciences Building
Brackett Hall
Buckingham Hall (Kittredge Complex)
Carlson Gymnasium
Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy
Center for Community (C4C)
Center for Innovation and Creativity [1777 Exposition Drive]
Cheyenne Arapaho Hall
Children's Center [2202 Arapahoe Avenue]
Clare Small Arts and Sciences Building
Cockerell Hall
College Inn Conference Center [1729 Athens Street]
Colorado Pond Pump Station
Colorado Court [3333 Colorado Avenue]
Communication Disorders and Speech Science Building
Computing Center [3645 Marine Street]
Continuing Education Center [1505 University Avenue]
Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES)CU-Boulder Buildings and Other Facilities Page 2
Coors Events/Conference Center
Cristol Chemistry and Biochemistry Building
Crosman Hall
Bruce Curtis (Museum Collections, former Geology) Building
Dal Ward Athletic Center
Darley Commons (Williams Village Complex)
Darley Towers (Williams Village Complex)
Denison Arts and Sciences Building
Distribution Center [3300 Walnut Street]
Discovery Learning Center (Engineering Center Complex)
Drescher Undergraduate Engineering [ITLL] (Engineering Center Complex)
Duane Physical Laboratories Complex

  • Duane Physics and Astrophysics, Gamow Tower
  • Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP)
  • Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics (JILA)

Duane Physics and Astrophysics (Duane Physical Laboratories Complex)
Eaton Humanities Building
Economics Building
Education Building
Ekeley Sciences Building
Engineering Center Complex

  • Aerospace Engineering Sciences Wing
  • Chemical Engineering Wing
  • Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering Wing
  • Classroom Wing
  • Discovery Learning Center
  • Drescher Undergraduate Engineering [ITLL]
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Wing
  • Engineering Administration Wing
  • Mechanical Engineering Wing
  • North Tower
  • Office Tower
  • South Tower

Environmental Design Building
Environmental Health and Safety Center
Euclid Avenue Autopark
Faculty-Staff Court [18th and Athens Streets]
Family Housing Community Center (TB 68) [1330 19th Street]
Family Housing Expansion [1712 Marine Street]
Family Housing Expansion [1326 17th Street]
Family Housing Expansion [1834 Marine Street]
Family Housing Expansion [1320-22 19th Street]
Family Housing Expansion [1324-26 19th Street]
Farrand Hall
Fiske Planetarium and Science Center
Fleming Law Building
Folsom Bike Station
Gamow Tower (Duane Physical Laboratories Complex)
Gates Woodruff Women’s Studies Cottage
Greenhouse No. 1 (Macky)
Grounds and Service Center
Guggenheim Geography Building
Hale Science Building
Hallett Hall
Hazardous Waste Maintenance Storage
Health Physics LaboratoryCU-Boulder Buildings and Other Facilities Page 3
Heating and Cooling Plant
Hellems Arts and Sciences Building
Henderson Building (University of Colorado Museum)
Housing System Maintenance Center [1255 38th Street]
Housing System Service Center [3381 Marine Street]
Imig Music Building
Institute for Behavioral Genetics (IBG)
Institute of Behavioral Science (IBS-NEW)
Institute of Behavioral Science (IBS) No. 1 [1416 Broadway]
IBS No. 2 [1546 Broadway]
IBS No. 3 [1424 Broadway]
IBS No. 4 [1220 Grandview]
IBS No. 5 [1201 17th Street]
IBS No. 6 [1243 Grandview]
IBS No. 7 [1244 Grandview]
IBS No. 8 [1330-32 Grandview]
IBS No. 9 [910 28th Street]
IBS No. 10 [900 28th Street]
International English Center (IEC) [1030 13th Street]
IEC Classroom Annex [1320 Grandview]
IEC Classroom Annex [1338 Grandview]
IEC Classroom Annex [1344 Grandview]
Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics (JILA) (Duane Physical Laboratories Complex)
Ketchum Arts and Sciences Building
Kittredge Complex

  • Andrews Hall
  • Arnett Hall
  • Buckingham Hall
  • Kittredge Commons
  • Kittredge West Hall
  • Smith Hall

Kittredge Commons (Kittredge Complex)
Kittredge West Hall (Kittredge Complex)
Koelbel Business Building
Koenig Alumni Center
Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) (Duane Physical Laboratories Complex)
LASP Space Technology Research Center
Lesser House (Development Office) [2501 Colorado Avenue]
Libby Hall
Life Sciences Laboratories Complex

  • MCD Biology Building
  • Muenzinger Psychology and BiopsychologyBuilding
  • Porter Biosciences Building
  • Ramaley Biology Building

Life Sciences Research Laboratory (RL-4)
Litman Research Laboratory (RL-1)
MCD Biology Building
Macky Auditorium
Marine Court
Marine Street Science Center (RL-6) [3215 Marine Street]
Marr Alpine Laboratory (Mountain Research Station) [Nederland]
Mathematics Building
McKenna Languages Building
Mountain Research Station [Nederland]

  • Mountain Research Station Hostel
  • Marr Alpine Laboratory

Muenzinger Psychology and Biopsychology (Life Sciences Laboratories Complex)
Newton Court
Norlin Library
Old Main
Page Foundation Center [1309 University]
Police and Parking Services Center
Porter Biosciences Building (Life Sciences Laboratories Complex)
Power House
President's House [3600 Caddo Parkway]
Ramaley Biology Building (Life Sciences Laboratories Complex)
Reed Hall
Regent Administrative Center
Regent Drive Autopark
Research Laboratory No. 2 (RL-2)
Research Park Greenhouse
Research Park Pump Station
Science Learning Laboratory (Nuclear Physics Laboratory)

  • BP Visualization Center

Sewall Hall
Ski Center (TB 79) and Athletic Fieldhouse (TB 79)
Smiley Court
Smith Hall (Kittredge Complex)
Sommers-Bausch Observatory
Stadium Building
Stadium Ticket Building
Stearns Towers (Williams Village Complex)
Student Recreation Center
Systems Biotechnology Building
Telecommunications Center
Telecommunications Equipment Building (TB 16)
Temporary Building No. 1 (TB 01)
Transportation Center and Annex [3205 Marine Street]
University Administrative Center [914 Broadway]
University Administrative Center Annex [924 Broadway]
University Club [972 Broadway]
University Memorial Center (UMC)
University Theatre
Varsity Lake Pump Station
Wardenburg Student Health Center
Weber Hall [Bear Creek Apartments at Williams Village Complex]
Willard Administrative Center (North Wing)
Willard Hall (South Wing)
Williams Village

  • Bear Creek Apartments, including Weber Hall
  • Bear Creek Commons
  • Darley Commons
  • Darley Towers
  • Stearns Towers
  • Heating Plant

Wolf Law Building
Woodbury Arts and Sciences Building

Outdoor Facilities
Athletics Practice Fields
Kittredge Playfields
Business Field
Mary Rippon Outdoor Theatre
Dalton Trumbo Fountain Court
Nakagawa Garden
Farrand Field
Norlin Quadrangle
Fieldhouse Plaza
Observatory Field
Fischer Field
Potts Field
Folsom Field
Prentup Field
Franklin Field
Varsity Lake and Bridge
Herbst Plaza
Williams Village Playfield