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Civil Engineering

The campus civil engineering team, housed in the Department of Facilities Management, is tasked with helping make CU-Boulder’s built environment a functional and safe place to study and work. Our range of projects covers:

Civil Utilities

The university maintains most of the civil utilities on the Main Campus, East Campus, Research Park, and Williams Village, including storm sewers, foundation drains, sanitary sewers, and water lines. The campus civil engineering team is responsible for coordinating maintenance activities, updating the Civil Utility Master Plan, prioritizing projects, and ensuring that future projects conform to the goals and direction of the master plan.

Below is a list of some of the upcoming utility projects for 2016 and 2017:

  • Replace the sanitary sewer service to Communication Disorders (SLHS)
  • Replace the trench drain on the west side of Hellems
  • Install sanitary sewer cleanouts at Education, Hellems, Denison and Space Sciences
  • Repair Clare Small sanitary sewer
  • 18th St. water line replacement (Phase II)
  • Macky water service repair

Four year civil utility upcoming project map

2014 Civil Utility Master Plan

2004 Civil Utility Master Plan

2016 Update to the 2004 Civil Master Plan  


The civil engineering team works with Facilities Management Outdoor Services to audit campus pavements. Every year, a team of students performs a qualitative assessment of pavements that is then compiled into a prioritized list of projects for the upcoming year.

A few examples of upcoming improvements to campus include:

  • Mill and overlay Colorado Ave. east bound
  • Seal coat the east portion of Kittredge Loop Drive
  • Seal coat Marine St.
  • Crack sealing on east main campus
  • Replace concrete around Education, Hellems and Denison
  • Repair sidewalk northwest of Math and bring ADA ramp in to complaince

2012 Pavement Management Plan

2015 Update to Pavement Conditions

2015 Update to Predictive Pavement Conditions

Restricted Driving Areas

Flood Management/Water Intrusion

There are many areas of campus that are subject to water intrusion/ponding from storm events.  These areas are often the result of nearby drainage and grading conditions. The civil engineering team records these areas and prioritizes corrections to minimize and eliminate their occurrence in the future.

Below is a list of recently completed water intrusion projects in 2015:

  • Porous pavement on east Pleasant St.
  • Grading and waterproofing improvements at Woodbury
  • VAC Museum entrance - porous pavement

Upcoming and ongoing water intrusion projects in 2016:

  • Storm sewer and water intrusion upgrades at Carlson Gymnasium
  • Education west side water intrusion upgrades
  • Foundation drain repair at the University Club
  • RL-2 basement entrance upgrade
  • Engineering Center grading

Localized Flooding Audit for the Main Campus 

Water Conservation

The civil engineering team actively participates in the university’s Sustainability Action Team (SAT) and received a Sustainability Award in 2012 for its efforts on campus. To date, we have saved campus over 15 million gallons of potable water. We are involved in conservation projects for restrooms, laboratories and irrigation.

Upcoming and recently completed water conservation projects include:

Structural Assessments

The civil engineering team is available to assist campus occupants with building structural questions. We can evaluate load conditions to ensure that floors are able to support new equipment weight and review structural deficiencies (such as cracks in buildings) on campus that are in possible need of repair. 

Maintenance of design and construction standards

The civil engineering team maintains the utility, structural, hardscapes, roofing, and waterproofing related sections of the UCB Design and Construction Standards. These standards are updated every year. We are always interested in feedback from outside consultants for helping improve standards. 

CU-Boulder Building & Construction Standards - Civil

Civil Construction

The Civil Engineering group exists to aid in the construction process and ensure that our clients (students, faculty, alumni and all other visitors to campus) receive a top quality product. We strive to guarantee quality assurance in all phases of construction, from early design review all the way to final inspections and certificates of occupancy. Civil Engineering touches on many aspects of construction including stormwater management and erosion control, utility and subsurface removal and replacement, hardscapes and structural building components. The Civil Engineering group strives to make timely responses to faculty and staff requesting projects or studies, contractors or designers requesting information, and any environmental  or safety concerns.  Below are links to several documents you may find useful.

Preconstruction Agenda
Project Start-up Checklist for Contractors
Requirements for Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) and Certificate of Occupancy (CO)
Required Inspection List
Standard Drawing Notes
UCB Civil/Utilities Permit Card FYI
UCB Building & Construction Standards
Building and Construction Standards Update Request Form

Let us know

For comments or questions about operational, structural and civil engineering–related issues on campus, or to report a problem or observation, please contact Will Johnson.

To learn more about academic opportunities in engineering, visit the College of Engineering & Applied Science.