Facilities Management

University of Colorado Boulder

CAD/Document Management

The ATLAS building.
CAD/GIS Office
Campus Box 453
(303) 492-4825

The CAD/Document Management office is responsible for cataloging and archiving all campus project documents and related materials. We assist customers on a daily basis with researching vast archives of projects and information. Our customers include consultants, project managers, professors, students working on class projects, and anyone with a need to research our drawings and data. We are also tasked with incorporating graphic and data information from as-built drawings to ensure that drawings accurately reflect the campus and its structures. We spend considerable time creating, maintaining, and updating custom maps on specific projects. Our latest effort involves creating a Geographic Information System (GIS) database for Facilities Management.

CAD Standards
CAD Drawing Submittal Checklist
Recharge Policy
Official Building Master List (PDF version, Xcel version)
Building Room Numbering System
Building Area Measurement System


Our Staff

Neil Huebner
Interim Manager
Engineering/Physical Science Technician I
303-492-4825; huebnern@colorado.edu

Phil Martin
Engineering Technician
303-492-4223; Philip.Martin@Colorado.edu

David Jacobs
Engineering/Physical Science Technician I
303-492-4820; David.Jacobs@Colorado.edu

Aaron Saraceno
Engineering/Physical Science Technician I
303-735-0075; Aaron.Saraceno@colorado.edu