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University of Colorado Boulder

Mail and Package Services FAQs

General Questions

Is there a bulk mail department at CU-Boulder? No, it was decommissioned on March 31, 2008. Imaging Services is providing limited bulk mail services.

Do you supply envelopes? Envelopes can be ordered thru Imaging Services at 2-COPY

Can you store materials? Mailing Services can arrange to have your storage and inventory needs met through Storage & Shipping

How do I get someone removed from a campus list? Campus mailing lists are generated from information in Peoplesoft. This information generally comes from the payroll liaison in your office and this is the best place to start. Campus mailing lists are currently being maintained by the UCB Communications Office.

What is an IN? An IN is an Interdepartmental Invoice. Mail and Package Services uses the INs provided to us to gather information regarding the mail we are processing and for billing information.

Can you track non-profit mail? Unfortunately, tracking services are not available for non-profit mail. If you have mail that you need to be able to track, please contact Mail and Package Services 303-492-2443 regarding other mailing options that provide tracking.

What are the required dimensions for the different classes of mail?  

Postcards are 3.5" by 5"   

Letters are 6 1/8" by 11.5"

Flats must have one dimension that is greater than 6-1/8 inches high or 11-½ inches long or ¼ inch thick.  They can be no more than 12 inches high x 15 inches long x ¾ inch thick.

For more information on letters and cards, visit Commercial Letters and Postcards: Physical Standards for Commercial Letters and Postcards.

For more information on flats, visit Commercial Flats: Physical Standards for Commercial Flats.

Metered Mail Questions

Do I need to include an invoice with my mail? No invoice is necessary for post office mail that is going out by First Class, Post card, Media, Parcel Post, or Library service.  All US Property Services special Services (including certified, registered, express, or insured mail) require an invoice to accompany the mail.  An invoice is also required for all Federal Express and Property Services shipments.

Where do departments write the speed type? Write your 8-digit speed type in the upper left corner of the envelope, either above or below the return address.  If you have a larger mailing, write the speed type on the top piece of each bundle.  Over 50 pieces please send an IN.

How will outgoing mail be sent?  All mail that is not marked, with be sent by First Class Mail service.  If you want another service; write the class of mail you would like (Media Mail, Library Mail or Parcel Post) on your package.

What is the best way to send a package? Three factors determine the best service for your package; Price, speed and the need for tracking the package.  Usually packages under1 pound will cost less if sent by First Class mail.  Larger packages usually cost less if shipped through Property Services.  For packages that need to arrive within three days, Federal Express usually is the best choice. 

Is there a way to track a package? Yes, certain types of mailings are trackable.  Please contact the Meterline for assistance.

What is the size limit for packages? USPS, UPS and Federal Express will accept packages less than 150 lbs; and under 150" total length plus girth. If you have a larger package, contact Materiel Management.