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Outdoor Services

Farrand Field
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Facilities Management provides Outdoor (grounds) Services to general fund and to several auxiliary funded facilities. FM is responsible for grounds maintenance (mowing, trash and litter, snow removal, tree and shrub care) and irrigation system operation and maintenance for the general fund areas on campus.

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Landscaping - The grounds crew is primarily focused on maintenance activities. New project installations must be approved by the campus landscape architect. Due to a limited budget, some requested projects may require requestor funding.

Grounds Maintenance -Our largest role is to provide day to day grounds maintenance activities like mowing, mulching and weed control. We do our best to keep the campus looking good on the outside spaces. View our Integrated Turf Management Plan.

Exterior Trash Removal -The grounds crew conducts daily litter pick up and services exterior trash receptacles on a scheduled basis. These services may be delayed due to snow removal situations. During a typical week when school is in session, we will fill one to two roll-offs with this trash.

Snow Removal - Facilities Management has primary responsibility for campus snow removal. Like the City of Boulder, we use magnesium chloride (in granular and liquid forms) for ice abatement. The majority of our resources are applied in order to open campus by 8 a.m. on snow days. Please call the Facilities Management Service Center at 303-492-5522 to report problem spots on a snow day. For more extensive information about snow closure days and snow removal, visit Snow Removal.

Irrigation - About 80% of the main campus is irrigated using non-potable water from the New Anderson Ditch. The university has owned these ditch rights since 1880. Irrigation is conducted at night and is based on information gathered from an on-campus weather station. Sometimes day time watering occurs, usually due to new sod or system testing.

Organic Waste Recycling -The grounds division diverts its salvageable organic wastes into Eco-Cycle's recycling stream.

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