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Who Pays for What?



This page describes the services that are routinely provided by Facilities Management (FM) and includes a sampling of services that are available on a fee for service basis.

FM is funded to operate and maintain General Fund facilities.  In most cases, routine maintenance and repairs for General Fund building structures, systems, components and/or infrastructure will not be charged to departments.  FM will prioritize work on a schedule that fits into existing resource allocations, and some work may be placed on a backlog list.

Departments will be charged for discretionary requests for services that involve non-routine work, building alterations, renovations, improvements, additional services, and requests that are outside the cycle or schedule of routine maintenance.  Most services provided to General Fund facilities are also available for auxiliary funded facilities.

As a general rule of thumb: if the equipment or building system already exists or is fixed in place, then FM is funded to maintain it.  If the equipment or system is portable or can be moved should a department relocate then it is generally considered the responsibility of the department.  FM is generally not funded to install or maintain new or portable items.  

Departments will be asked for a speedtype to fund service requests that do not fall under the responsibility of FM.


BUILDINGS AND BUILDING SYSTEMS:   FM provides routine maintenance and repairs to university general fund buildings (interior and exterior) and building systems including structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems. This includes but is not limited to doors, locks, keys, drywall, painting, ceiling tiles, floor covering, roofing, windows, window coverings, signage, electrical, lighting systems, heating, cooling, ventilating, fume hoods and other exhaust systems, plumbing, fire protection, meters, and elevators.  FM is also responsible for code required inspections, maintenance and testing.

CENTRAL RECEIVING: FM provides receipt and delivery of shipments for departments on campus, including hazardous materials.  http://www.colorado.edu/fm/services/shippingandreceiving or call 303-492-6524.

CLASSROOM FURNITURE REPLACEMENT: For centrally scheduled classrooms only.  Call Property Services for more information at 303-492-6524.

CLEANING: FM provides basic cleaning services for general fund buildings according to set schedules.  Focus is given to restrooms, classrooms and common spaces. Click on this link then select Campus Building Services Provided for details:  http://www.colorado.edu/fm/services/cleaning-services-0

ELECTRONICS DISPOSAL: Colorado state law as of July 1, 2013, prohibits the disposal of waste electronic devices (e-waste). The new law affects consumers, waste haulers, transfer stations, and landfill operators. Please contact Property Services for proper disposal. http://www.colorado.edu/fm/services/property-disposal-0

EXTERIOR INFRASTRUCTURE: FM provides landscape and grounds maintenance services, exterior trash receptacle management, snow removal, and concrete and asphalt maintenance.

LIGHTING – EXTERIOR:  FM provides routine maintenance and repair of campus exterior walk lights and plazas in public areas of the General Fund portions of campus; including lights adjacent to campus General Fund buildings and courtyards, and campus street lights.

MAILING SERVICES: FM provides mailing services to the campus, including USPS incoming mail processing and delivery, outgoing mail pickup and package pickup, outgoing first class mail processing, UPS and FedEx processing, and Denver shuttle service; see website or call 303-492-6242.


PAINTING:  FM provides painting of hallways, restrooms, building entryways, and classrooms on a 10 year cycle.

PAPER TOWELS:  FM provides paper towels in General Fund rest rooms only.

PEST CONTROL: FM provides routine pest control through an integrated pest management program. http://www.colorado.edu/fm/services/pest-management

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE: is a service provided to increase energy savings prolonging life of systems and equipment.

RECYCLING: FM provides recycling collection for interior and exterior containers at existing central locations.  These services also include routine container maintenance and repair. http://www.colorado.edu/fm/services/recycling

SIGNAGE: FM provides and maintains interior signage in public areas, as well as, exterior building identification signage and campus traffic control signage. http://www.colorado.edu/fm/services/signs

SIDEWALKS AND STREETS: FM maintains and repairs General Fund campus sidewalks, plazas and streets. http://www.colorado.edu/fm/services/streets-and-sidewalks

SNOW/ICE REMOVAL: FM provides shoveling and plowing of sidewalks, plazas, building entryways, ADA ramps, and roadways.  This service also includes ice mitigation as needed. http://www.colorado.edu/fm/services/snow-removal

SURPLUS PROPERTY DISPOSAL: FM provides collection services for surplus items from campus departments.  Please schedule your request in advance; see 303-492-6524.  http://www.colorado.edu/fm/services/property-disposal-0

VANDALISM: FM repairs damage caused by vandalism to general fund facilities including graffiti removal (interior and exterior).

WASTE DISPOSAL:  FM provides basic refuse disposal and container maintenance per set schedules. http://www.colorado.edu/fm/services/trash


ARTWORK:  Installation and hanging, repairs, and replacement.

BUILDINGS AND BUILDING SYSTEMS: Services include routine maintenance and repairs to buildings (interior and exterior) and building systems including structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems in university auxiliary funded buildings and spaces. This includes but is not limited to doors, locks, keys, drywall, painting, ceiling tiles, floor covering, roofing, windows, window coverings, signage, electrical, lighting systems, heating, cooling, ventilating, fume hoods and other exhaust systems, window AC units, chilled water systems, compressed air systems, backflow prevention devices, steam systems, plumbing systems, fire protection, meters, and elevators.  FM can also provide code required inspections, maintenance and testing.

CABINETRY:  FM can manufacture custom cabinetry and shelving associated with labs, conference rooms, kitchens, lounges, public areas, reception areas and offices. 

CAD: CAD prints and services are available at the current labor charge rate, and material rates are based on per square foot of medium.  Transmission of requested CAD files and/or monochrome scans of large documents to .tif format are available.  

CARPET REPLACEMENT: FM can assist with carpet replacements beyond allocated funding sources or replacement schedules.

CENTRAL RECEIVING: Shipments held on dock for more than 10 working days will be assessed a monthly storage charge rate per pallet or on a per square foot basis.

CHALKBOARDS AND WHITEBOARDS: FM can provide installation, removal, care and maintenance of chalkboards and whiteboards in departmental assigned classrooms, offices, labs and conference rooms (including chalk and erasers). Special Note:  FM does neither cleans nor supply markers for whiteboards or glass boards in classrooms, study areas, interactions spaces etc.

CLEANING:  A variety of services are available including customer-requested service dates and times; additional cleaning services; additional carpet care or floor work beyond set schedules; cleaning before or after special events, concerts, recitals, rehearsals, plays, symposiums, conferences; and other non-routine custodial services such as dusting and detail cleaning.

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION: FM can provide project management services, including the development of estimates.

DOORS/LOCKS/KEY SERVICES: FM can provide installation, maintenance and repair for general door hardware associated with specialty locking systems, lock changes to meet college/departmental needs, cylinders, battery cases, batteries, electronic access readers and equipment for specialty locking systems. Charges are required for keying locks due to lost keys or other changes per departmental request.

ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS AND POWER NEEDS: FM can provide additional electrical connections due to circuit overloads, installations for new and specialized equipment including circuit extensions, breakers, and related cable installations.  Electrical power needs beyond those existing in General Fund buildings, including isolated services, special circuits, power line conditioners and uninterrupted power supplies, installation and maintenance are the responsibility of the requesting department.

ENGINEERING:  FM can provide assistance with the development of project scope and description; assistance with selection of engineering consultants; review of designs at each stage, including code compliance and cost-reduction opportunities; pre-construction meetings with contractors; inspections; commissioning of systems; and assistance with warranty issues.

FIRE PROTECTION AND FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: FM can provide maintenance, repair and installation of auxiliary facility fire systems and fire safety equipment, including emergency lights, exit lighting and emergency generators.  

FURNITURE: FM can assist with procuring new or repair of existing furnishings including chairs, tables, office desks, etc. in campus public areas, departmental assigned spaces, labs etc. This service extends to clocks, waste receptacles, shelving, bulletin boards, whiteboards, chalkboards, cabinets and display cases including associated locks and lighting.

GAS FIRED DEVICES: FM can provide maintenance and installation services for autoclaves, cage washers, steam kettles, firing ovens, and kilns.

INDOOR PLANTS: FM can assist with requested plant care, watering and replacement.  This includes plants in public areas.  Damage caused by over watering of plants not maintained by FM will be charged to departments.

INVENTORY/STORES: Distribution Center sells products to campus departments; i.e. copy paper, custodial supplies, dry ice, and liquid nitrogen.

MAIL:  FM can assist with express delivery service; campus mailings over 50 pieces; campus certified mail; postage for USPS, UPS, and FedEx; and bulk mail processing. http://www.colorado.edu/fm/services/Mail

MOVING AND HAULING: FM can provide or assist with the coordination of moving and hauling services.  Extra charges may apply for special equipment; see website or call 303-492-6242.


PAINTING:  FM can assist with painting services in offices, departmental spaces and research laboratories on the following schedule:

  • Up to 10 years – fee for service
  • Over 10 years – negotiable cost sharing options – contact the Structural Shop (2-6479).   
    • Budget reductions have severely impacted Structural Shops ability to provide services thus painting services will be severely restricted. Structural Shop supervisor will make determination on thresholds in regards to wear and tear to determine what portion of the costs will be paid for by FM.
  • Color change – fee for service
  • Standard CU color options available – contact the Structural Shop (2-6479)

PAPER TOWELS:  FM can provide paper towels for labs, kitchens and lounges. 

PEST CONTROL: FM can assist with routine and problem calls in auxiliary funded facilities.

PLANNING: FM can assist with services related to project planning including developing scope, assisting with program plans, and assistance with the planning process.

POSTAL AND PARCEL SERVICE:  Actual postage expenses (US Mail, Federal Express, UPS, etc.) are charged via established postage rates.  FM can provide campus mailing envelopes; see website or call 303-492-6242.  http://www.colorado.edu/fm/services/mail-services

RENOVATIONS / IMPROVEMENTS:  FM can provide or assist with modifications to college/departmental facilities.  http://www.colorado.edu/fm/services/design

SHIPPING: Outgoing shipping, special delivery and distribution services are offered by the Distribution Center, including hazardous materials.  http://www.colorado.edu/fm/services/mail-services - Note “Export Control Regulations” may apply – see policy within the above link.

DEPARTMENTAL SHOP EQUIPMENT: FM can provide maintenance and repair services. 

SIGNAGE: FM can assist with interior signage requests from departments, nameplates, special building signs, directories and sign changes. http://www.colorado.edu/fm/services/signs

SPECIAL EVENTS:  FM can provide or assist with services relating to special event support.

SPECIALTY EQUIPMENT: FM can provide or assist with maintenance and repair services for departmental environmental chambers, growth chambers, bio-containment hoods, incubators, walk-in coolers and freezers, centrifuges, refrigerators, freezers, ice machines, incubators and other specialty equipment.  Monitor temperature alarms 24 hours a day via the Building Automation System.

STORAGE:  Temporary and long-term climate controlled storage is available to Boulder campus departments.  The <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />Distribution Center will pick up storage items at no extra charge; see website or call 303-492-6242.  http://www.colorado.edu/fm/services/storage-0

SURPLUS PROPERTY DISPOSAL:  This is a free service, except for a few specific items such as refrigerator and freezer disposal and removals needing special equipment or dismantling; see website or call 303-492-6242.  http://www.colorado.edu/fm/services/property-disposal-0  

WASTE DISPOSAL/RECYCLING:  FM can assist with labor, disposal and rental of containers for special events such as picnics, open houses, weekend events and additional collections.  Recycling: http://www.colorado.edu/fm/services/recycling  Trash: http://www.colorado.edu/fm/services/trash    Note: hazardous or special wastes, chemicals, sharps, and animal waste are handled by EH&S. 

WINDOW AIR CONDITIONING UNITS:  FM can assist with window A/C unit installation and maintenance.  All requests for window AC units must be approved through the Office of the Campus Architect.


Requests for services may be phoned in to the Operations Control Center (OCC) at (2-5522) or via our web site (for non-emergency repairs only) at: https://famis.colorado.edu:4444/ecfss_prod/fweb.home?p_navid=101.

Click here to download instructions on how to use the self-service portal

For emergency requests please contact the Operations Control Center (OCC) directly (303-492-5522).



EMERGENCY REPAIR: A repair that, regardless of size or expense, must be completed immediately to protect life, safety or property – please call the Operations Control Center (OCC) directly at (2-5522). 

IMPROVEMENT: Any addition or change to a facility that results in additional physical facilities or changes the function of an existing facility.

MINOR REPAIR:  Any repair to an existing facility component that generally takes two hours or less to complete, or costs less than $1,000.

MAJOR REPAIR: Any repair to an existing facility component that generally exceeds two hours to complete or costs more than $1,000.  FM reserves the right to prioritize or defer major maintenance requests depending upon resource availability.