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The Consultant's Information Site is available to help designers understand the process and procedures of the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Please review this site before the kick-off meeting so that we may answer any questions you may have. Be sure as you start this project, that you have a complete and current copy of the UCB (University of Colorado at Boulder) Standards. These have been put together to assist you, sharing with you our experience and needs. These standards are frequently updated and it is important that you use the most up-to-date version in preparing plans and specifications. Also, let us share a couple of key thoughts about your project team and project management on campus:

Project Team Structure − Each campus project is like a three legged platform.  The platform needs all three legs to stand.  The three legs are: (1) you, the architect with your supporting consultants; (2) the Department of Facilities Management which represents the owner (the University, the Regents, Taxpayers in the State of Colorado), then secondarily campus interests; and (3) the department or campus agency which will occupy the proposed environment.  All three need to be involved in each decision, and all three need to be represented at each Project Team meeting and come to a consensus on decisions. (A project team is also known as a Design Team in design phases.)

Project Management  Throughout the design and construction process, both the Planning and Construction Phase Managers for the university will be involved as a team. The Planning Phase Manager is charged to oversee the planning and design of the project, with primary owner responsibility until Design Development is completed. The Construction Phase Manager will assist with construction issues throughout design, and has primary owner responsibility during the preparation of contract documents and during construction.

We look forward to working with you!



Each department at CU-Boulder has a campus box number that should be used for both campus and U.S. mail. Correspondents are encouraged to use the 9-digit Zip Code when sending U.S. mail to the University. The 9-digit Zip Code is composed of the University's zip code − 80309, followed by one or two "0"s and the campus box number. The 9-digit zip code for Facilities Management Administration is 80309-0453.

Material send via US Postal Mail should be sent to:
Facilities Management Administration, 453 UCB, Boulder, CO 80309-0453

Material sent by courier or by overnight delivery service should be sent to:
Facilities Management Administration, 1540 30th St. 3rd Floor, Boulder, CO 80303

Incoming and outgoing mail travels through University Mailing Services.  This may add a day to the normal time it takes mail to travel.  Remember that Facilities Management has over 300 employees, so it is essential that the specific addressee be included as part of the address.

Email, Telephone, and Fax

Most people are available through the University of Colorado at Boulder's Directory search engine.   Once at this site, go to the People Search and type in: last name, first name of the person you are trying to reach. This will give you the phone number, e-mail address, and campus box number of the individual you are trying to reach.  If you would like to reach the main Facilities Management number, please call 303-492-5511. The Planning Design & Construction Division's fax number is 303-492-4082.

In Person

We are located at 1540 30th Street. The Reception Desk is on the southwest corner of the 3rd floor. Our office hours are 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. during the summer). Visitors are required to park at the metered spots in the parking lot on the east side of the building. View a map. The area is served by RTD bus lines.

Please visit Facilities Management for more information about our department.

Project Contact List

Facilities Management
303-492-5511 (phone)
303-492-4082 (fax)

Interim Campus Architect
Bill Ward

Campus Architect Emeritus
William R. Deno, FAIA

Capital Construction Process

Capital Construction Process Chart

For questions or further information, contact Philip A. Simpson, Assistant Director for Facilities Planning.

Reviews of Architectural Plans and Specifications


The Capital Construction Process Chart indicates who reviews plans and specifications, and when in the process these reviews occur. The purpose of the following is to provide additional information regarding reviews by CU-Boulder commissions and staff.

Reviews by Boards and Commissions

The Board of Regents does not review architectural plans. They have previously approved the Program Plan, including budget, and delegate architectural review to the Campus Architect and the University Design Review Board.

The University Design Review Board (DRB) reviews plans at the end of schematic design and design development. The board is comprised of five distinguished design professionals, and meets on the first Friday of even numbered months, with special meetings held as determined. Meeting locations rotate between campuses. The Board is a function of the Systems Administration, not just the Boulder campus, and operates under the authority of the President's Office. The DRB continues to uphold an international design reputation of the Boulder campus, maintaining "Tuscan Vernacular" style to accommodate the many functions of a modern university. They also meet as the Research Park DRB. All plans to be reviewed by the DRB must be sent through the Planning Phase Manager, who will schedule DRB reviews.

The Boulder Campus Planning Commission (BCPC) reviews program plans and schematic designs, once they have been accepted by the DRB and Facilities Management staff. BCPC is comprised of seven faculty members, six staff members, and four students. Its function complements the DRB in that it assures that the campus community, through its representation, has reviewed and approved physical changes to the campus. They meet on the second Thursday of every month during the academic year (September through May), with special meetings in the summer if needed. Meetings are at Regent in the Provost's Conference Room 302 , unless there is a conflicting event. All plans to be reviewed by the BCPC should be sent through the planning phase manager for the individual project. Information regarding scheduling of BCPC meetings can be obtained from Karen Lorimer, who is the BCPC Secretary and prepares the BCPC agendas. Current agendas and archived minutes can be obtained on the BCPC website.

Special Function Boards and Commissions review some plans based on location or particular interests.   For example, the Historic Resources Advisory Committee (HRAC) assists in the planning of any project that involves historic properties or facilities related to campus heritage, including the Norlin Quadrangle Historic District, and makes recommendations as a sub-committee of the BCPC.  Various student government boards review projects owned and operated by the University of Colorado Student Union (UCSU).   If there are special function reviews, the project Design Phase Manager will so advise.

Reviews by Staff

At the end of each design phase, various university staff review plans and specifications. There are two major purposes: (1) As owner's representatives, to ensure that the campus gets what it wants; (2) as code reviewers, to ensure compliance with all applicable codes. Which staff does the reviews, at which stages, is listed on the Capital Construction Process Chart and its attachment of the Capital Construction Review List. Active participants include the department or agency to occupy the facility, as well as a variety of technical and other involved parties. Facilities Management reviewers have considerable expertise in mechanical and electrical systems, and knowledge of how proposed buildings can tie into existing systems.

Staff reviews take two weeks, including distribution time. For very large projects additional time may be necessary. About 10 to 18 copies are required depending on the phase of the project. The exact number of copies and the schedule will be determined by the Construction Phase Manager during the contract negotiations. The Planning Phase Manager is responsible for distributing materials during the Schematic Design and Design Development phases, while the Construction Phase manager will distribute plans during the Construction Document phase. Usually, there is a review meeting at the end of each two week period. Reviewers are asked to make their comments in writing and be available at the meeting for explanations and questions. Please raise any perceived conflicts with the appropriate phase manager (planning or construction). Reviewers usually indicate which comments need to be resolved prior to proceeding to the next phase, and which comments can be resolved by further detailing during the next phase. Projects will be required to be within budget before proceeding to the next phase.

In general as a State agency, the University, rather than the City of Boulder, is responsible for code compliance. The City of Boulder is involved in specific matters such as tax collection, fire protection, water and sewer services, transportation services, and others. All contact with the City should be through Facilities Management staff. There may also be some involvement with other State and public agencies, which will be coordinated by Facilities Management.

During construction, Facilities Management staff participates in the submittal review process.  The Construction Phase Manager will coordinate submittal reviews on products and shop drawings reviewed by the engineers.  The Planning Phase Manager is responsible for ensuring exterior design compliance and is responsible for approving exterior samples including the building mock-up.

Both the board and staff reviews are intended to assist the architect, to identify client desires, and to help make the project desirable and functional on the Boulder campus.

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar shows semester begin/end dates, academic breaks, and campus holidays.

Body & Soul: Architectural Style at the University of Colorado at Boulder

Body & Soul, by William R. Deno, FAIA, was written to promote the legacy of a most incredible inventory of buildings and grounds at the Boulder campus of the University of Colorado.  It attempts to describe -- especially to newcomers -- past accomplishments, present day protocols, and future aspirations within the context of a uniform architectural style rich in plan and materials.  A companion video is also available on DVD and streaming video.

To order this book, please contact the CU Bookstore at 303-492-7599.

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