Facilities Management

University of Colorado Boulder

Current Construction Projects

Center for Academic Success and Engagement (CASE)

Start: July 2016
End: November 2017
Cost: $43,000,000
Gross Square Feet: 105,000–114,000

Classroom and office spaces will be constructed over the Euclid Avenue AutoPark as part of the new Center for Academic Success and Engagement (CASE). 

Engineering Center

Start: March 2016
End: September 2017
Cost: $24.7 million
Gross Square Feet: 50,000

This project will focus on building system and classroom improvements in select areas of the Engineering complex. 

Village Center Dining & Community Center

Start: July 2015
End: January 2017
Cost: $47,665,000
Gross Square Feet: 106,646

This project will result in a new dining and residence life center for the Williams Village campus, replacing the Darley Commons facilities. Learn more.

Systems Biotechnology Academic Wing (5th Wing)

A fifth wing of the Biotechnology building is proposed in order to house teaching and research labs and classrooms in support of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, the Division of Biochemistry, and the BioFrontiers Institute.

Start: February 2016
End: Spring Semester 2017
Cost: $32.3 million
Gross Square Feet: 57,347