Facilities Management

University of Colorado Boulder

Current Construction Projects

Village Center Dining & Community Center
Ketchum Arts & Sciences
Sustainability, Energy and Environment Complex (SEEC)
Athletics Complex 
Wilderness Place
Systems Biotech Fifth Wing 

Village Center Dining & Community Center

Start: July 2015
End: January 2017
Cost: $47,665,000
Gross Square Feet: 106,646

This project will result in a new dining and residence life center for the Williams Village campus, replacing the Darley Commons facilities. Learn more.

Ketchum Arts & Sciences

Start: January 2015
End: Spring Semester 2016
Cost: $14 million state and campus funds
Gross Square Feet: 60,000 

This project will repair basic infrastructure, such as plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems that are severely deteriorated and require replacement to improve code issues, life safety protection, and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance.

Sustainability, Energy and Environment Complex (SEEC)

Construction Start: December 2013
Construction End: January 2015 (renovation of McAllister Building); February 2015 (new lab building)
Cost: $100 million
Gross Square Feet: 289,000 (renovation) and 115,000 (new construction)

Located on CU-Boulder’s East Campus, SEEC will bring together environmental researchers from campus and neighboring federal labs to support environmental science, environmental sustainability, and renewable energy. The project consists of constructing a new wet lab building south of the MacAllister Building, and the renovation of the MacAllister Building into a dry lab with classrooms and office space.

Athletics Complex

Start: May 2014
End: February 2016
Cost: $142 million

This two-phase project, approved by the Board of Regents in December 2013, will move the administrative and academic functions of the Department of Athletics to a new, fourth floor suite in Folsom Stadium and then remodel and expand the Dal Ward Center. It includes construction of an indoor football practice facility and two new outdoor practice fields on Franklin Field. To find weekly construction schedules and information, visit the Weekly Construction Update and Live Webcam

Wilderness Place Renovation

Start: May 2015
End: June 2016
Cost: $10,500,000
Gross Square Feet: 60,000

This project involves the renovation of an off-campus lab building to provide modern vivarium facilities to support behavioral research groups in the life sciences programs. Considered a 7-10 year interim solution to a permanent East Campus facility, the renovation provides a timely and cost-effective alternative to either new construction or renovation of existing facilities.

Systems Biotechnology Academic Wing (5th Wing)

A fifth wing of the Biotechnology building is proposed in order to house teaching and research labs and classrooms in support of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Start: February
End: Spring Semester 2017
Cost: $32.3 million
Gross Square Feet: 57,347