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University of Colorado Boulder

Current Construction Projects

Glenn Miller Ballroom Renovation
Atmospheric Chemistry Lab
Sustainability, Energy and Environment Complex (SEEC)
Campus Utility System
Campus Data Center 
Athletics Complex 

Glenn Miller Ballroom Renovation

Start: May 2014
End: January 2015
Cost: $3.8 million
Gross Square Feet: 15,000

This renovation will update and modernize the ballroom and kitchen spaces in the University Memorial Center, originally constructed in 1953. Learn more here

Atmospheric Chemistry Lab

Construction Start: Fall 2013
Construction End
: May 2014
Cost: $2.65 million
Gross Square Feet: 8,400 

The university is remodeling the Cristol Chemistry and Biochemistry Building to house a lab for atmospheric chemistry and air quality research. The project renovates the third and fourth floors of the chemistry building to house the lab and research group overseen by Jose-Luis Jimenez, an associate professor at CU and a fellow with the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences. The new lab will allow scientists to do innovative experiments on air quality and climate change, as well as help foster collaboration between researchers at CU and other institutions.

Sustainability, Energy and Environment Complex (SEEC)

Construction Start: December 2013
Construction End: January 2015 (renovation of McAllister Building); August 2015 (new lab building)
Cost: $100 million
Gross Square Feet: 289,000 (renovation) and 115,000 (new construction)

Located on CU-Boulder’s East Campus, SEEC will bring together environmental researchers from campus and neighboring federal labs to support environmental science, environmental sustainability, and renewable energy. The project consists of constructing a new wet lab building south of the MacAllister Building, and the renovation of the MacAllister Building into a dry lab with classrooms and office space.

Campus Utility System

Construction Start: September 2012
Construction End: April 2015
Cost: $91 million 

The Campus Utility System project will result in reliable and efficient heating, cooling, and power capacity for campus buildings, while significantly reducing the university’s carbon emissions and conserving natural resources. Designed to meet both current and future energy needs, it address the campus’s maintenance backlog for infrastructure improvements by replacing chiller and boiler equipment that is critical to campus operations.

The work includes three major components: renovation of the campus Power House on 18th Street; construction of a separate, new heating and cooling plant; and installation of new utility distribution systems.

Excavation begins in the fall of 2012 on the new heating and cooling plant, called the East District Energy Plant. Situated near Coors Events Center, the 72,000-square-foot facility will showcase energy efficiency concepts. The university is pursuing LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certification for the building, which will meet the distinctive architectural standards for which campus is known.

Also in fall of 2012, workers will begin boring at several locations around campus to allow for chilled water line installation. This installation will allow the Kittredge housing complex to have air conditioning for the first time.

In fall of 2013, renovation will begin on the campus Power House. The cogeneration plant, built in 1909, will have its equipment repowered such that the facility would be able to meet approximately 50% of the campus’s electrical power requirements using natural gas—a method that produces fewer carbon emissions than the local utility—should the university decide to pursue this route. The plant’s exhaust waste heat will be recovered and used to provide both heating and additional electrical power without burning extra fuel. It is estimated that the renovated facility, which will be renamed the West District Energy Plant, will have the capability to reduce carbon emissions by nearly 30,000 metric tons per year.

Once connected, the two power plants will work in tandem with upgraded distribution systems to deliver a high level of efficiency and reliability, helping campus reduce its carbon footprint.

For more:
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Download a presentation on the East District Energy Plant.

Campus Data Center

Construction Start
Construction End: June 2014
Gross Square Feet: 2,473
Cost: $11,804,828 

This project, located in the Space Science Center on East Campus, encompasses the design and construction of new data center facilities to support the university's research computing needs and address an acute shortage of quality data center space on campus. The new facility will support research, academic, and administrative computing functions and complement the High Performance Computing Facility, which houses the Janus supercomputer.

Athletics Complex

Start: May 2014
End: August 2015
Cost: $142 million

This two-phase project, approved by the Board of Regents in December 2013, will move the administrative and academic functions of the Department of Athletics to a new, fourth floor suite in Folsom Stadium and then remodel and expand the Dal Ward Center. It includes construction of an indoor football practice facility and two new outdoor practice fields on Franklin Field. To find weekly construction schedules and information, visit the Weekly Construction Update and Live Webcam

"CU regents approve $142M in athletic facilities upgrades" (Daily Camera, 12/04/2013