Facilities Management

University of Colorado Boulder

Design Process

For design professionals anticipating creative work on the Boulder campus, much information is available on both the Planning and Planning, Design & Construction websites to assist both newcomers and those with prior experience.

Prior to design, a long complex planning and approval process takes projects through analytical and investigative phases, feasibility and programming phases, internal staff and community reviews, and capital planning and scheduling. The final word is always: "It is funded."

The design phase includes consultant selection, contracting, program verification, concept planning, conceptual design, schematic design, design development, contract documents, and construction administration. Decisions are made by consensus among the owner's representative (Department of Facilities Management), the client (the building occupant), the project architect and, later, the general contractor.

Review and recommended approvals are provided by the owner, the Campus Architect the University Design Review Board, and the Boulder Campus Planning Commission. The owner provides all regulatory and code reviews and a certificate of occupancy.

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