Facilities Management

University of Colorado Boulder

The Campus Landscape

Campus Grounds

A vital contributor to the quality of the CU-Boulder campus built environment is the development of the campus floor -- all the space not covered by building footprints. Starting as a barren treeless plain in 1876, the campus floor has since been planted and paved into a verdant complimentary landscape to the building architecture, backed up against the Flatirons mountain formation.

A comprehensive guide for future development of the campus grounds can be found in the Campus Master Plan, Section 5, Land and Facilities Plan.

Norlin Quadrangle Historic Area Micro-master Plan

Signage, Sculpture, and Memorials

Facilities Management is responsible for wayfinding on campus, which involves directional, identification, and regulatory signage. We also value exterior sculpture and art as desirable assets to the campus grounds, along with opportunities to memorialize people and events that are an important part of the university's history.

For more information about campus landscape elements, contact Campus Landscape Architect Richelle Reilly.  

2013 Campus Flood Damage Photos