In the strategic planning process, we sought to identify the characteristics of successful flagship universities in the next quarter-century—and to apply those characteristics to CU Boulder's future. Six broad themes emerged for how the "new flagship" will look and act in 2030. These themes reflect the university's legacy of accomplishment over the past 130 years, as well as our best projections of the long-range needs and conditions of Colorado and the world. They form the basis of our plan to transform CU Boulder to serve Colorado and engage the world during the next quarter-century.

In 2030, we expect the University of Colorado Boulder will be a place that:

  • Is intellectually inspiring, academically challenging, welcoming and supportive, and conducive to positive personal growth, with the capacity to unleash the power of imagination, creativity and discovery.

  • Becomes a dynamic global force for the nurturing and development of ideas, the expansion of the frontiers of knowledge, the conception of creative work, and the dissemination and effective application of those ideas, works, and knowledge.

  • Exemplifies the power and promise of diversity, intercultural understanding and community engagement to promote a greater sense of multiculturalism and inclusiveness in the state of Colorado and around the world.

  • Promotes the state of Colorado as a global crossroads of ideas and discovery—one characterized by academic excellence, economic vitality, environmental awareness, and artistic and cultural enrichment.

  • Prepares students with a foundation of cultural and institutional knowledge that will help them reach their full potential by providing them with a broad understanding of the world around them, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, a sense of responsibility to others, leadership skills, and a recognition of the importance of lifelong learning.

  • Is an agile organization supported by effective leadership, financial and operational models, and infrastructure to accomplish its vision and mission.