The Flagship 2030 strategic plan is intended as a living document that guides day-to-day tasks as well as long-range projects. Under the following implementation schedule, we will develop concrete action plans with specific benchmarks for assessing progress over time.

A. Implementing the Core Initiatives 

In the next stage of Flagship 2030, detailed action plans will be developed for the core initiatives, including those related to access, staff support, infrastructure, diversity and outreach. Individuals from appropriate units will be asked to help create the specific action plans. For example, the deans of the schools and colleges, in consultation with the provost, will be asked to review and refine their individual college strategic plans and capital campaign goals, aiming to align unit plans more closely with the university's core initiatives. The deans will be asked to identify needed investments in such areas as faculty and graduate student recruitment, research infrastructure, and capital construction—drawing from multiple sources of revenue for maintaining and enhancing the academic reputation of the schools and colleges.

B. Implementing the Flagship Initiatives

Several task forces will be appointed to more fully develop the concepts identified in the 10 flagship initiatives. Task force members will be drawn from throughout the university and its constituencies. "Action development grants" will be allocated to the task forces to ensure they have the resources needed to research and develop thoughtful and actionable plans to help move the plan forward. In addition, units across the university will be encouraged to submit proposals articulating how they might help to advance the initiatives outlined in this plan.

C. Budget Integration 

Budget needs will be assessed in three general areas: supporting basic operations and infrastructure, ensuring competitiveness in core areas, and advancing flagship initiatives. Financial models for enhancing the university's resource base will be developed and applied. Implementation of the strategic plan will depend on the availability of increased resources.

D. Implementation Schedule

We will begin implementing initiatives in Flagship 2030 as action plans are developed and approved, according to priorities established by the university. Action plans will be drafted and proposed by the various task forces and planning groups for final review and approval by September 1, 2008. Strategies will be specific, priority-driven, consistent with the goals of Flagship 2030, and informed by the work of the strategic plan subcommittees. Benchmarks, including performance measures, will be developed for each of the action plans. A senior administrator will be assigned oversight responsibility for implementing action plans emerging from the strategic plan.

E. Reporting and Updates

Regular reports and updates will be provided to the university community, the system administration, the CU Board of Regents, the local community, state leadership, alumni, donors, parents and other stakeholders.