Anticipating precise enrollment trends over 25 years can be difficult, but some general projections can be made. With the state's predicted population growth over the next 25 years, we expect the university will continue the same modest growth rate it has maintained over the past 25 years.

Under this model, the university will have about 6,500 more students in 2030 than it does today. We expect to manage the overall mix of residents and nonresidents within the state guidelines of 66 percent residents and 33 percent nonresidents. Additionally, our plan calls for an increase in the percentage of graduate and professional students in the student population from 15 percent to 20 percent. We also will increase the number of tenure-track faculty to enhance the quality of undergraduate and graduate teaching and to expand our research capacity.

Higher education enrollments are profoundly influenced by state policy. Our overall enrollment plans may need to be adjusted, for example, if new state policy modifies the respective enrollment goals for Colorado's community colleges, four-year collegesĀ and research universities.