Flagship 2030's quarter-century horizon offers a unique opportunity to "think boldly"—and we have attempted to do so while recognizing the need for critical short-term core strategies to meet our mission and stay competitive. In this plan, innovative and far-reaching ideas are juxtaposed with more immediate initiatives, but all are aimed at transforming the University of Colorado Boulder.

Foremost is our determination to establish CU Boulder as one of the leading national comprehensive research universities by 2030—with the capacity to improve the human condition through learning and discovery. We believe the flagship initiatives will place the state of Colorado and the University of Colorado Boulder in a global leadership role within the next quarter-century. In the short term, CU Boulder will make substantial investments in faculty, students, staff and infrastructure to enhance our core services and to remain competitive among our peers. In the long term, the success of Flagship 2030 will depend on expanding university resources, acquiring new flexibility for change and gaining broad support for realizing our vision. We expect the strategic plan to evolve over time; today, however, it provides an important framework in setting our course for the future.

How You Can Help

There is a strategic role for each person invested in the future of the University of Colorado Boulder, from the faculty member engaged in teaching and research enterprises, to the student developing a portfolio of imaginative creative work, to the community member helping craft a new campus development model. To achieve our vision, we need the active support of business partners, donors, state political leaders, university leadership, alumni, staff members and multitudes of others who care about our future success.

How can you help? You can advocate on behalf of Flagship 2030 wherever you live and work. You can support the university's vision for global leadership in education and research. You can participate in follow-up planning opportunities and provide ideas to help us achieve our goals. Your involvement will help bring our vision to reality.