We believe the Flagship 2030 vision will require a two-pronged approach to investment and decision making.

The first prong addresses the need to sustain quality in research, creative work, teaching and service by investing in eight core initiatives ranging from enhancing research and graduate education to improving campus infrastructure and increasing access. Investments in these core areas will be necessary to meet our commitment to serving Colorado and maintaining our position as a competitive research university.

The second prong focuses on 10 innovative and transformational flagship initiatives that, taken collectively, will distinguish Colorado and our graduates from those graduating from the many other universities around the world. Through targeted investments in these initiatives, we will position CU Boulder as a leading national comprehensive public university by 2030—one that applies its influence and resources to address pervasive human issues while educating future generations of global citizens and leaders. We aim to give our graduates a competitive edge in the workforce, and we want to lead the state of Colorado in becoming a new international crossroads of ideas.