Flagship 2030 Task Forces Named

By Bronson Hilliard, Spokesperson, University Communications

As many already know, the Board of Regents approved the Flagship 2030 Strategic Plan for the University of Colorado at Boulder on Nov. 29, 2007. Now, the campus is engaged in the next phase of the strategic planning process to determine how best to implement the 18 initiatives outlined in Flagship 2030.

Under the leadership of Flagship 2030 co-chairs Provost Phil DiStefano and Senior Vice Chancellor Ric Porreca, and with the help of BFA Chair Uriel Nauenburg, nine task forces have been formed to help develop plans for implementing the 18 initiatives.

The task forces and their chairs are:

Uriel Nauenberg, Chair
Barbara Buttenfield, Co-chair

Russ Moore, Chair
Fred Anderson, Co-chair

Graduate Education
John Stevenson, Chair
Joseph Rosse, Co-chair

Undergraduate Education
Michael Grant, Chair
Bob Schulzinger, Co-chair

Fred Pampel, Chair
Lou McClelland, Co-chair

Paul Leef, Chair
Keith Maskus, Co-chair

Steve McNally, Chair
Paul Beale, Co-chair

Gloria Timmons, Chair
John Cumalat, Co-chair

Anne Heinz, Chair
Tom Riis, Co-chair

The task force chairs are working to solidify the membership of each task force – a process expected to be completed by mid February. Provost DiStefano and Senior Vice Chancellor Porreca will host a "kickoff" meeting for members of the nine task forces on the morning of Feb. 16, 2008 in the ATLAS building on the Boulder Campus.