FullDome Show: Bella Gaia

BELLA GAIA is a globally recognized immersive experience created by award winning director, composer, and violinist Kenji Williams. The multimedia show combines high fidelity imagery of the Earth from space, data visualizations, and stirring live performances of music and dance from around the world, threaded by an orbiting flight path and stunning NASA imagery from the International Space Station. Described as a "Silk Road" experience expanded to a global, cosmic scale, the award winning BELLA GAIA tells a cosmic story, exploring both human and natural expressions of the Living Universe, illuminating the relationship between human civilization and nature as we enter the Anthropogenic Age. Inspired by astronauts who spoke of the life changing power of seeing the Earth from space, this moving celebration of our cultural heritage leaves audiences with a transformative sense of wonder and inspiration seeing the Earth as a multifaceted yet cohesive working organism and gives people pause to contemplate our place in it.

RunTime:  1 hour (30 minute film followed by a 30 minute related science talk)

Target Audience:  All ages