Emergency Exit System

Emergency Exit System

It is very important for occupants to be able to safely exit a building during an emergency. Exit routes, including aisles, hallways, corridors, and stairs must be kept free of obstructions that could impede or prevent occupants from safely evacuating.

• Maintain a minimum 44-inch wide clear path of egress through corridors and hallways for occupancies greater than 50 persons. For occupancies of 50 persons or less, the minimum clear path of egress is 36-inches.

• Do not store combustible or hazardous items in corridors.

• Storage of any kind is prohibited in enclosed stairwells.

• Enclosed exit stairs may not be used for "any purpose" other than a means of exit.

• Do not obstruct or block doors from opening.

• Do not block fire doors open with doorstops, wedges or other devices that do not allow the fire door to automatically close during an emergency.

• Bikes are not to be stored in corridors, stairways, or stairway landings.