IRS Data Retrieval Tool

The IRS Data Retrieval Tool allows students and parents to retrieve their IRS tax return information directly into the FAFSA. Using this tool saves you time and reduces the number of documents that must be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid.

Tax-filers who are not eligible to use Data Retrieval:

  • Filing a tax return as "Married Filing Separately"
  • Filing a tax return as "Head of Household" when married
  • Filing an amended return
  • Filing a Puerto Rican or foreign tax return

You will be prompted to use the IRS Data Retrieval while completing the FAFSA if you are eligible. If we request that you complete data retrieval, please use the following instructions:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on Make FAFSA Corrections, enter FSA ID and password.
    You will need to create an FSA ID in order to retrieve your tax information. Click the 'Create an FSA ID' link and complete the requested information. For help with the FSA ID, visit
  3. Navigate to the Financial Information tab
  4. If you can answer "No" to all of the questions, the tax filer will then click on Link to IRS
  5. Once you are transferred to the IRS website, fill in the information exactly as it was entered on the tax return
  6. Click Transfer Now to go back to the Financial Information screen
  7. Review the data that was transferred and make any necessary corrections
  8. Navigate to the Sign & Submit tab to submit the corrected FAFSA

If you have been asked to complete the IRS Data Retrieval Tool and are ineligible to do so, you may submit a federal tax return transcript. To obtain a copy: