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Work-Study Earnings

For the most part, earning Work-Study is the same as earning an hourly wage at any other job. Here is some information about Work-Study earnings.

  • Work-Study must be earned by the student - it is NOT applied directly to the tuition bill.
  • We strongly recommend that students monitor their earnings in relation to their total Work-Study awards. If the award is revised for any reason, the student will receive a revised award letter email from the Office of Financial Aid.
  • Employers can monitor a student's earnings using the Employer View Page in ISIS Campus Solutions. Click here for instructions on requesting access to the page, and click here for a tutorial on reading the page. The Student Employment Office also has a worksheet that can be used for monitoring students' earnings.
  • Work-Study earnings are taxable, though they are excluded from financial need determination on the FAFSA for the following year.
  • Students who earn Work-Study receive a W-2 from the University at the beginning of the year. He/she should update his/her address in myCUinfo to be sure to receive a W-2 in a timely manner. If you are not a current CU student, you will need to contact Employee Services at 303-860-4200.
  • View important work-study dates and deadlines.