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This page lists visiting instructors and artists, as well as descriptions of new classes. This page is updated every semester. See the current class list for full schedule of courses.

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FILM 2004 - CU Film Studies Seminar: The Telluride Film FestivalFILM 2004

Fall 2017 - F 12:30-4:50 PM - Professor Robinson

Offers students a unique first-hand understanding of the significance of the film festival circuit in the context of global film culture and scholarship. Students will attend Telluride Film Festival screenings, discussions and Q&A sessions. After the festival, weekly screenings of select films from the previous year's festival offer insight into the festival's influence on box-office and the industry's award season. 


FILM 3041 - Environmental Cinema

Spring 2017 - Professor Espelie

FILM 3041Interrogates how fiction and nonfiction filmmakers, writers, cinematographers, and moving-image editors have been creatively responded to discoveries made in the field of environmental science. Using books by Rachel Carson and Scott MacDonald as a framework, we will examine a broad spectrum of filmmakers (e.g. Wed Anderson, Todd Haynes, Jennifer Baichwal, Bruce Conner, Percy Smith).