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Online FCQs for Summer 2006

During summer 2006, we are converting the FCQ processing system to the Boulder campus new FCQ form which will be implemented in fall 2006. To help with the transition, for summer 2006 only we will be providing entirely online FCQs, using the old FCQ format and questions.

We are doing this because we would otherwise be scanning paper FCQs in the old format in September, while at the same time debugging the new system and beginning to print the new fall 2006 FCQ forms. It is impossible for us to run two different systems simultaneously, and the switch to online FCQs for summer 2006 avoids this. In fall 2006 we will be back to paper FCQs, as usual, but using the new FCQ form.

For summer 2006, we will be providing online FCQs based on SIS course and instructor data. Please be sure that your instructor and course-section data in SIS are accurate, and be sure SIS is updated with any changes. (Please note that we do not provide FCQs for course-sections with activity types DIS, IND, INT, PRC, or PRA. If it is important that you have an exception to this, please let your departmental FCQ coordinator know, or contact the FCQ office directly.)

Aside from keeping SIS updated, neither departmental coordinators nor instructors need take any action to receive online summer FCQs. Students in summer classes receive a passcode-embedded email when it is time to go to the online FCQ website for their course(s), and students who donít respond receive one or two reminder emails. Summer session instructors can enhance response rates by letting their students know to watch for the online FCQ email notice.

Summer 2006 online FCQs will be administered during four different adminstration periods, beginning in late May, late June, late July and early August. Each administration period will continue for approximately 10-12 days. In some cases students will be asked to complete FCQs shortly after a course has ended Ė with 16 different end dates for summer sections, and the need to minimize administration periods, this is inevitable.

During the administration period for their course-sections, students who are enrolled but who lose their email notification can go directly to the online FCQ website (click here for Boulder classes, click here for Denver classes) and follow the directions there. However, FCQs for each course-section will only be available for the 10-12 day administration period closest to the sectionís ending date.

Please see our web-site for general information on the new FCQ form and related issues. We will be making more updates to the website in the days ahead.

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