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Pilot Study of Online Administration of the Boulder Faculty Course Questionnaire in Spring, 2003

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E-mail sent to instructors

Subject: Online FCQ for selected courses Spring 2003

This e-mail contains links to an online Faculty Course Questionnaire (FCQ) for one or more of your Spring 2003 semester courses. Usually, students complete paper FCQs in class to evaluate each of their courses and instructors. This term we are starting to collect FCQs online for a sample of Boulder courses, consisting of online courses, some courses with WebCT content, and some courses where the instructor requested online FCQs.

Your participation is greatly appreciated. Not only does this method save paper, it also saves money in this time of tight budgets. If we can get a good response, we can start moving toward doing all FCQs online.

Please complete the FCQ carefully as the results are used by students in selecting classes, by administrators for tenure and promotion decisions, and by the faculty to evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching and course materials. The completed results will NOT be associated with your name or student ID#, and will not be returned to your instructor until after grades have been posted.

Please take care of this as soon as possible, as we must end collection by May 5.

You may go directly to the form page(s) for your course(s) by clicking on this/these url(s)

Alternatively, if the above links do not work for you, you may go to
and choose course number(s) MCEN4085001
and use pass code xxxxxxx to complete the form(s).

Send questions or concerns to FCQ@Colorado.EDU or to Gary.Pfeifer@Colorado.EDU

Thank you very much for your cooperation,

Gary Pfeifer, Online FCQ Administrator
Office of Data Analytics
University of Colorado Boulder

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