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FCQ Process Map

(What we do and when we do it)

For specific dates for current term, see the FCQ calendar.

Approx week of term   Typical date Fall Typical date Spring
1 Semester begins. FCQ office checks ISIS for new subjects. Latest possible time to order additional FCQ forms. 8/26 1/13
2 Mailing One (M1) -- memo to all depts with general information and call for Group Optional Questions (fall term only). 9/3 N/A
3 End of week 3: Census 9/11 1/31
4 Departments finalize ISIS course and instructor data. We download ISIS data for FCQ Department Course Lists (DCLs). 9/14 2/5
5 Mailing Two (M2) -- instructions to dept coordinators on DCL editing. M2 also includes memo to all instructors, to be put in instructor mail boxes. DCLs are posted online for department coordinators to edit. Call for Individual Optional Questions (info in instructor memo). 9/16 2/10
5-7 FCQ office is receiving edited DCLs from departments, uploading course list edits into FCQ system. Weeks 5-7. 9/20 2/20
7 Edited DCLs due from depts. FCQ office begins printing FCQ forms. Contact depts with incomplete or ambiguous information. 10/1 3/1
7-12 Upload DCL edits into FCQ system, print forms, stuff forms into envelopes, box and label for shipping to depts. 10/1 to 11/10 3/1 to 4/10
13 FCQs delivered to departments. 11/15 4/14
13-14 If time allows -- make changes, print new packets per department or instructor requests 12/1 4/24
14 FCQ administration week. Week before the last full week of regular classes. 12/1 4/19
16-19 FCQs due back in FCQ office --
Checking in FCQ packets, getting ready for and beginning scanning.
12/8 to 1/3 4/27 to 5/23
17 Begin scanning / Archive previous term's electronic data 12/18 5/10
19 Scanning completed. Week before new semester. Print & stuff 8000+ section reports into FCQ envelopes. Box processed FCQs and section reports for shipping. 1/11 6/1
20/1 FCQs returned to departments with section reports. / Week 1 of new semester 1/15 6/11

Respond to department/faculty problems, disagreements with section reports. Post FCQ results on web. / Week 2 of new semester.

1/17+ 6/13+


Last revision 08/07/13

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