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Spring 2006 memo regarding online FCQs for small graduate classes

TO: Boulder Campus Teaching & Research Faculty, Deans, Directors,
Dept Chairs, System Administration
FROM: Office of Undergraduate Education
SENDER: Michael Grant
DATE: January 24, 2006
SUBJECT: Online FCQs for small graduate classes
Re: Online FCQs for graduate sections of 10 or fewer students

As a pilot program approved by Chancellor DiStefano, online FCQs will be provided for all spring 2006 graduate sections with 10 or fewer students. This program is intended to enhance the anonymity of graduate student responses on the FCQ, by excluding the possibility that students can be identified from their handwriting in these small sections.

All graduate sections of 10 or fewer students will be provided with online FCQs, and instructors of the affected course-sections will be notified by email in mid-February. Graduate sections only will be
affected – sections that have a graduate/undergraduate mix will not be included. When it is time for FCQ administration, students in these sections will be notified with an email containing instructions and a passcode-protected link to the online FCQ collection website. Students who do not respond also get at least one reminder email. For full details on how online FCQs are administered, see

This pilot program is being conducted per the August 2005 recommendations of the Chancellor’s FCQ Advisory Committee approved last September by Chancellor DiStefano, and participation is mandatory. For more details on the Committee’s report, see For the Chancellor’s approval letter, see

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